Thursday, February 9, 2017

Scorched-Earth Environmentalism

The hippies protesting a pipeline that would run near a Sioux Indian reservation have decided that it's best to preemptively destroy the land by leaving over 250 dump truck loads of trash and litter behind. This is in addition to all the human waste left behind in the area which, come flood season, may cause a biological hazard to the very waters they are so concerned about. All to prevent a small risk of environmental contamination that occurs almost everywhere else in the country.

This is something of a scorched earth tactic, where you prevent an enemy from using the land by destroying it. Although in this case they've achieved nothing; the pipeline approval process is ongoing with no regard to the protesters. It's like a scorched earth tactic with all the cons and none of the benefits, in this case it especially dubious because they are polluting Indian lands that the pipeline doesn't actually touch. And tactic is of course a strong word. They weren't intentionally destroying the land, while pretending to save it. That is just what hippies do. If you've ever been to a large music festival (I've been to many) you know this to be true. Those festivals always promote themselves as green and environmentally friendly. Which is ridiculous on principle, and they always end up looking like this (source, don't click unless you have Adblock or use Brave browser).

Festival goers are mostly of the same mindset. 90% of the people, at least, would share a mindset that supports the Standing Rock protesters and the conviction that the evil corporations and oil CEOs are destroying the world. Then they drive hundreds of miles across the country, in a 20-years old Honda Civic or Subaru that leaks oil if they're poor, or a loaded down 4Runner that gets under 20mpg if they're rich (plus a few Priuses of course), they raid the nearest Wal-Mart to load up on the cheapest shit they can find, and then leave half of it scattered across the land. But this is okay because the festival sells carbon offsets (which they don't buy).

As with so many things, judge them for what they do, no what they say. Leftists say they are for the environment because, well, that's a moral stance anyone can respect. Yet everywhere they go they leave a trail of contamination behind them. They don't mean to, they just don't think about these things. Try explaining to your typical hippy the energy inefficiencies of setting up a temporary city in the country and transporting everyone from the suburbs to that location. Blank stares mostly. Then tell them you know where to score some molly. That'll get their interest back. (It's fake but they'll be too stoned to know the difference).

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