Friday, December 4, 2015

Group-based Gun Control

Americans need more effective gun control. The status quo is failing us, and we cannot put in Australia-style gun control with 2nd Amendment in place (which is a discussion in itself). In light of that, the three requirement we need for gun control are that (a) it complies with the spirit of the 2nd Amendment, and (b) it doesn't ban weapons to the point it drives a black market trade from Mexico, and (c) it keeps guns primarily in the hands of sober adults. There are some other things to consider but let's go with that for now.

Americans have always owned guns; only recently have these mass shootings become commonplace. What's lacking is a sense of personal accountability. Communities are weakened, family ties aren't what they used to be...there is just nothing grounding some of these people. Most mass shooters are either social outcasts or exist in a violence culture (black & Latino gangs and Jihadis). People need a group bond. And if that group stands to lose because of misdeeds, it will help keep people in check.

The 2nd Amendment specifically mentions a militia. Let's use that. All gun ownership should be tied to a militia or some sort of gun club. No one could purchase firearms or ammo without valid membership. As long as the club is in good standing, they earn and retain gun ownership rights. As members contravene gun laws, their group loses rights. In the case of an attack against innocent crowds, all members would, at least, have their weapons confiscated and be banned from owning them again. This forces the groups to self-regulate. They'll have to constantly vet new members and themselves to ensure they maintain gun rights. Anyone who can't find a legit group to accept them won't get a gun. Shady-as-fuck people who can pass a background check (like the recent shooter) would be inhibited.


The major flaw is that if someone can't get a legal weapon, they might find access to an illegal one. Particularly the gangs that already exist by shipping illegal wares from Mexico. But any gun control would have to deal with this. How about we do the gun control, and at the same time we tighten the fucking border? There's a nice compromise for liberals and conservatives, eh?

Gun owners would have to be registered and maintained in a database. Some people will protest this. But that's unreasonable. You gotta register to drive. Gotta register to vote. You can register to own a deadly weapon.

Finally, the regulation will need teeth. Some groups are going to have to be disarmed. Some will fight back.

That's it. That's my plan. What do yo think about it?

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