Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's not crazy to call Obama a Muslim

Earlier in Obama's tenure as president I was annoyed at the people who called Obama a Muslim, for the following reasons:
  1. It's not for us to decide what religion he is. If he says he is not a Muslim, then he must not be one.
  2. It should not matter what his religion is. All that should matter is that he perform his duties competently, ethically, and in accordance with the Constitution, the intentions of the Founding Fathers, and in compliance with federal law.
However, after nearly 8 years of his "leadership", I think it is safe to say those concerns are entirely justified. I'll provide two lists, mostly off the top of my head. The first list is things that he's said or done that indicate his strong empathy for Islam.
  • As a child was raised in Indonesia and attended Madrassa for six years. That is a lot of time in his formative years. High school is four years. College four. A military enlistment is four. He attended Muslim prayer school for six. 
  • He said, "The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.” Not the national anthem, or a child's laughter, or anything we might expect the leader of Americans to say. No, the Islamic call to prayer.
  • Obama bowed before the Saudi king.
  • Any time a Muslim has committed terrible acts against random civilians, in the US and also abroad, Obama has declared that the perpetrator does not represent Islam. How is he so sure?
  • When "Clock Boy" brought a "clock" to school that looked eerily like an IED, Obama did not hesitate to take the side of the boy and invite him to the White House, and immediately insinuated that the school officials were insensitive and bigoted. If there is ever an issue between traditional America and Islam, he always always always sides with Islam.
  • He has refused to utter the phrase "radical Islamic terror."
  • He says ISIS does not represent Islam, even though they have taken great pains to make their Caliphate as similar to the medieval caliphate as possible.
  • He won't call radical groups, like the New Black Panther Party, a Muslim-based hate group, or even BLM (founded by a radical Muslim) as hate groups. In America you can be as radical as you want as long as your group has some affiliation with Islam.
The first list, partial as it is, should serve to erode the first argument I listed. Even if Obama is not a practicing Muslim, he is certainly highly sympathetic to their cause, to the point of routinely taking the side of Islamic radicals versus normal Americans. It is a valid concern that the president chooses to consistently align himself with not just a small minority of America, but a minority that hates the majority of Americans.

The second list will serve as more evidence against my first argument, as well as the second. In this list we'll see that his beliefs actually are damaging his ability to perform his job.
  • Obama supported "moderate" Islamists against the secular regime in Libya, turning it into a failed state, a hotbed for Islamic radicalism, and igniting a massive immigration wave from Africa to Europe.
  • Obama supported "moderate" Islamists against the secular regime in Syria. This led to an embarrassing intervention by Russia, caused a refugee crisis for the surrounding countries and Europe, and provided the vacuum for the radical Islamic State to arise. (Although surely Obama would say the the Islamic State does not represent Islamic states.)
  • Obama provided funding and arms to groups and individuals that became the Islamic State.
  • Under Obama relations with Israel have become the most strained in the entire history of Israel as a modern state.
  • Obama supported the overthrow of our long-time secular ally in Egypt, which was replaced by a government formed by the Muslim Brotherhood. (Which was later thrown out by the military.)
  • The attempted overthrow of the increasingly Islamic Erdogad regime by a secular cadre of the Turkish military was quickly condemned by Obama.
The first list shows that, in domestic affairs, Obama will always side with Muslims if there is a conflict. The second list shows that in global affairs, Obama will always side with Muslims if there is a conflict. Even to the point of supporting radical Islamists. Clearly his sympathies are impacting his job as US president, and almost always disastrously.

So when people call Obama a Muslim, well they just aren't too far off the mark. It may be technically incorrect, but for all practical purposes the effects are the same whether or not he is. And so, it is not crazy at all to call Obama, leader of the American people and implicit world emperor, a Muslim.

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