Monday, October 10, 2016

The Trump outrage may be real, but it's not genuine

Right now the major news story is still Trump's lewd comments that were leaked out of a taped private conversation. The timing was suspiciously coincidental in obscuring the much more relevant wikileaks on Hillary Clinton. I suspect they've been holding on the tapes just waiting to use them. Unfortunately our media is so biased that they will happily cover Trump saying something offensive over Hillary committing federal crimes.

They also know Trump controversies generate views. They know people are just waiting to be offended by Trump. And that's why I don't buy any of this. The most recent false fiasco before this, about Trump's personal income tax deferrals, was the most ridiculous that I can recall off-hand. Here we had a full-out media assault alleging that Trump may have used legal provisions to significantly reduce his required personal income tax. Not just the media, but Tim Kaine made it his centerpiece argument in the vice presidential debate, and Anderson Cooper tried to grill him on it in the most recent debate.

Whenever I argue with someone attacking Trump for these things, the usual pattern is this:
  1. They say Trump is unethical for something.
  2. I make the case that the thing is not really unethical, and often can show their preferred candidate is as bad or worse in a similar fashion.
  3. The person responds, "Well Trump is evil for these other reasons."
They quickly move to the next Trump grievance very quickly. It's hard to get a Trump hater to stay on the topic at hand. Why? Because they're not genuinely outraged by the things they claim. They'll look for any excuse to rage against him. It doesn't really matter what it is.

That's why I don't trust this latest outrage at all. For the people who are genuinely outraged by his comments, as opposed to those who are just looking for anything to be outraged at (all will claim to be in the first group), their message is being lost in the noise. Because no one who isn't full of Trump hatred believes the outrage hype anymore. We see it all as desperate propaganda until proven otherwise. They no longer get the benefit of the doubt.

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