Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Body Modification Oppression

The latest most trendy oppression group are people who mutilate their own bodies for attention. No, not trannies, but people who tattoo, pierce, and otherwise modify the physical appearance of their bodies. The call to acceptance is now, like most political action, summarized in a facebook video, here. A number of liberal ethos are on display here, most significantly, you can't judge me no matter how I behave. Let's look at some of the others.

This is an example of the liberal ethos of words mean whatever I want them to mean. There is a meaning to the word professional, and it certainly does include maintaining the proper appearance for the job. The word is a bit subjective, in that what is deemed to be professional depends on the actual profession being practiced. The word has meaning, but it's flexible depending on circumstances. The video here disregards all logic & nuance and boils the whole thing down to a simplistic good/bad dichotomy. Unprofessional sounds like a bad word. Engage liberal powers of logic & argument: I'm not [the bad word], you are!!

Another major liberal ethos, perhaps the premier liberal ethos, is using the government to control other people. It's not enough to state that you should tolerate body modifications, or that you are a sinful oppressor if you don't, but they want the government to demand that you hire people you wish not to. For every liberal opinion, there is advocacy for state control of other people's behavior.

Here we see the liberal demand to have everything both ways. Do you think this guy got his large neck tattoo in spite of stigma against them? No, he got it because of the stigma. He got it to be edgy, because he wants attention, wants a tough image, wants to attract chicks, and wants to signal that he isn't a square. Guess what...businesses love hiring squares, and they avoid edgy tough guys who might have an attitude problem. These people want all the upsides of their social signaling but none of the downside.

How dare people use their human intuition and pattern recognition abilities! I suppose Mr Pink Mowhawk isn't aware of recent science showing a correlation between cognitive ability and stereotyping. People need to stop being smart & stereotyping, I guess. Speaking of being smart...

This is an appalling statistic. That means nearly 3 out of 4 Americans are unaware of the empirical evidence indicating a negative correlation between tattoos and IQ. This would highlight a couple final insights into the liberal worldview. First, facts don't matter. Only feelings matter. Second, statistics are evil because they might imply something inaccurate somewhere about some individual.

The thing about liberals is their solutions only make the problem they're trying to solve worse. Tattoos are fairly well accepted in society these days. The worst thing that could happen, if lowering stigma against body modifications is the goal, is to have them become associated with leftist politics. You can be sure that I won't hire a tattooed or pierced person if the first thing my mind associates them with is social justice warrior.

CORRECTION: the last link appears to be satire. Looking deeper I can find only one minor study (sample size 104) which showed no correlation between IQ and ink.

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