Friday, May 27, 2016

Obama Folds Up the Nuclear Umbrella

The Apologist-in-Chief is at it again, this time apologizing in Hiroshima for the actions the US military took to end that bloody war. He says the decision was a mistake, and evil. Now, there is no one who thinks nuclear bombs aren't terrible weapons. And there's no one who thinks America's choice to drop those bombs wasn't a tragedy. But it was the best choice, and a wise decision.

It was estimated at the time that a US invasion of Japan would cost 1 million lives, just of American soldiers! Japan itself would have been totally devastated. The Americans had already learned in numerous Pacific battles that the Japanese were willing to fight to the last man. What Obama doesn't mention in his apology is the millions of Japanese lives that were saved by the destruction of two cities. It's like when the police taser a belligerent so they won't have to shoot him. The decision is made to bring an end to the conflict with the least overall damage done.

Another factor contributing to the decision was that the Soviet Union was preparing its own invasion of Japan. Would the Japanese have preferred to be administered by communists? They certainly wouldn't be the world's 3rd largest economy (2nd until recently eclipsed by China). Would Japan be better off today if the northern half looked like North Korea? Obama apologizes for Truman's difficult decision as if the outcome would have been the same either way.

Any child has the sense to know that nuclear bombs are bad. But it takes some wisdom to contemplate the long-term and real-world consequences. Barack Obama believes he is enlightened because he thinks nuclear weapons are bad. Guess what, EVERYONE THINKS THEY'RE BAD!! He's not morally superior for thinking their use was horrific, but he is a moron for going and prostrating himself before the world like some new-age sage.

He says we'll never repeat that "mistake". Does he have any clue that the mutually assured destruction between Russia and the US was the one thing that prevented Europe from being ground up between those super powers? Does he not realize that today Europe and Japan's militaries are not adequate, and their security depends on the US nuclear umbrella? And now he declares we would never actually use those weapons. Green light Putin! Please don't take more than you need! No wonder he felt free to annex the Crimea and thwart the US-backed overthrow of Assad. He's a wolf, and Obama is a bleating lamb.

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  1. I should note that Obama did not formally apologize, and that his tone was more of remorse than apology. Many people reported that it did not feel like an apology to them.

    And yet, words have meaning. Obama must have chosen his words carefully, and he chose to call the action evil, and a mistake. If that was not his intended meaning, then he failed to properly communicate in a somewhat historic occasion. Given his history of blaming America first, I still stand by my assessment of this speech in Hiroshima.