Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sadiq's Con

London's recently elected Muslim mayor effectively stated today that if Trump doesn't stop his "ignorant" view of Islam, then Muslims living in the US and UK will become radicalized and commit terror attacks. Think about that a minute.

What is this, a mafia shakedown? "Eh, that sure is a nice country you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it. I can't keep my dogs on a leash forever, kapeesh?" If there was more of reason to support Trump, I don't know what it is. In fact, I'd say that Trump's detractors have done more to make me a supporter than Trump himself.

Also, his use of the word to describe Trump's stance as ignorant is just typical. First of all, you have to realize what it means when a liberal says ignorant. They don't mean your views are lacking in awareness. It's simply that liberals are sure they are smarter and more sophisticated than everyone else. So anyone who disagrees with them must then be stupid or ignorant.

Of course, there is plenty of evidence to back up Mr Trump's views. Dr. Peter Hammond has thoroughly documented the effects on society as the percentage of Muslims increases. It is so well described that his model can be used as a prescriptive tool, and in fact Europe's migrant crisis is actually ahead of schedule,since the governments and most of the citizens are so willing to accommodate Muslim demands in the name of multiculturalism and desire to virtue signal. But the short of it is, Trump's views are certainly not ignorant in the traditional sense.

In conclusion:

  1. Being called ignorant by a liberal is almost always a compliment. In a twist of irony, it effectively means not delusional, sane, or sober.
  2. The Muslim mayor is basically threatening violence if Muslims are checked from their invasion. The west is being openly bullied by a small minority of the population.

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