Sunday, August 7, 2016

Barrack Obama: America's First Black Pot President

Recently Barrack Obama opined that Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency. I don't believe that's true, but possibly he's correct. It doesn't matter though, because Obama is unqualified to give such an assessment. You might say his position as president would grant such qualification, but the reality is different. Even his delivery disqualifies him. Watch the video here.

Obama says his previous claim that Trump is unfit has been proven. He then offers up two rounds of evidence. His first bit of proof is Trump's "attack" on a Gold Star family. If you don't know what he's talking about, go listen to Khizr Khan's speech at the DNC. Khan, whose son died twelve years ago in a war in a Muslim country authorized by Hillary Clinton, and who has ties to the Clintons and whose business involves lobbying for increased Muslim immigration, launched a blistering attack on Trump, somehow seeming to equate his son's death with Trump's proposed immigration policies. Later it was leaked that Khan was paid $375,000 for the speech. So Trump's attack was really a defense, or counter-attack. For Obama to make that his foremost claim to Trump's lack of qualification only shows he does not shy away from insulting the intelligence of the American public.

Second, and this is the part you really have to watch, is his master dissertation on Trump's lack of knowledge in world events. Listen to how this man, who is praised as a skilled orator, can barely squeeze out a full intact sentence. He seems to particularly have trouble with articulation when asked about Donald Trump. (Okie doke?) It goes as such:

"He doesn't appear to have basic knowledge of critical issues." Then he pauses. To gather himself. To prepare to enlighten us on how far out of the water Trump really is.
"In...." Long pause. Damn this is going to be good. He's really thinking about what to say.
"Europe." Okay, that is a continent.
"In the Middle East." Yes, another relevant geographical area of the world.
 "In Asia." Right, another continent. Surely he'll specify some of the relevant critical issues and demonstrate Trump's lack of knowledge.
"Means that he's woefully unprepared to do the job."

 That's it?? That's the proof? Basically he responded to Trump's 3rd grade vocabulary with a 3rd grade geography lesson. He can't articulate Trump's inability to articulate. It's ridiculous.

Well, let's give him a brief reminder of the critical issues in those areas.


  • Europe is undergoing a massive immigration crisis caused by American action in the Middle East. This is breaking the Schengen free movement agreement, as some EU countries are walling themselves off.
  • England is leaving the EU completely, despite Barrack's heavy lobbying for them to say. In fact, his threats that the UK would be "at the back of the line" not only fueled the Brexit calls for independence, they turned out to be empty.
  • Europe is seeing terror attacks almost every day now. Recently Germany had four in one week. ISIS is making terror attacks outside Syria & Iraq at a rate of 1 every 84 hours. The same ISIS that Obama previously called the "JV team", and "contained."
  • Right-wing nationalist parties are the fastest growing in Europe. Austria seems to have avoided a hard-right (in Europe's perspective) president only by fraud in the mail-in ballots.
  • After a fake military coup, Turkey is fast becoming an Islamist dictatorship. Merkel has bribed and begged Erdogan with money and promises of EU membership if Turkey will the job of protecting Europe's borders that Europe refuses to do itself. So an Islamist dictator now has enormous leverage over Europe.
  • The Crimea was annexed by Russia, and there has been bloody civil war in the East of Ukraine between Russian and American aligned factions. Frayed relations between the two nations are largely the result of America's insistence that the EU and NATO be pushed right up to Russia's doorstep.

Middle East

  • Obama enabled the overthrow of Ghadaffi in Libya. Rather than risk American boots on the ground (that's such a George W. Bush way of overthrowing a Middle East government), Barrack and Hillary went with an approach of aerial bombardment and arming & funding rebels. Called "moderate", the rebels were often radical Islamists. They armed Al Qaeda to overthrow Ghadaffi. Despite the claim that Ghadaffi was a threat to his own people, leaked emails later showed that the motivation was all geopolitics, and was an attempt to maintain neocolonial control of North Africa and prevent the rise of a Libya-backed pan-North African economic union. The result of the war has been massive migration from all of Africa to Europe, and a failed state where the west gets all the oil contracts and ISIS gets to enjoy long beheadings on the beach. 
  • Pleased with the outcome of Libya, Obama attempted a similar maneuver in Syria. The playbook was identical. Portray the leader as a madman, arm the opposition (even if they are Al Qaeda or ISIS), and get a UN-sanctioned no-fly zone. Only they failed in the last regard, because of diplomatic and military outmaneuvering by Putin. While Obama failed at his goal of regime change, the outcomes were the same as Libya. Massive refugee crisis and a vacuum that allows for the dominance of radical Jihadists.
  •  ISIS has emerged as public enemy number one, enabled by a power vacuum caused by American actions in Iraq and Syria. ISIS was originally backed and armed by the US. Even after ISIS adopted their current moniker (actually I hear they go by just IS these days) and the reality of their brutality became common knowledge, they still benefited indirectly from American aid. America spent hundred of millions training and arming "moderates" that would typically just take their new weapons and skills to collect a paycheck from ISIS. Even more, the US air war was shown to be a complete farce when Russia showed up and began an effective campaign. To my knowledge, that display by the Russians was the greatest political embarrassment delivered to the US by a foreign country since the Canadians burned down the White House. 
  • Probably the most damning thing to occur in the Middle East, from the perspective of presidential competency, were the reports that DOD-backed factions and CIA-backed factions in Syria were fighting each other! There is nothing that could more clearly prove both the lack of a clear strategy and the lack of strong leadership in the executive branch than America fighting a proxy war with itself in the middle east.


  • Relatively quiet in Asia. But in Obama's tenure we've seen China starting to challenge the US Navy, more record trade inequality with China, China continuing to manipulate its currency despite promises not to, and Obama's backing of TPP, which will subvert the US Constitution to international corporations. 

As we can see, that majority of the "critical issues" in those important geographical areas he itemized are aided or outright caused by actions of the Obama presidency. Maybe Trump is unqualified to be president, but he's not proved that despite his attempt. But Obama himself is a proven foreign-policy disaster. When he calls Trump "unfit," it is the pot calling the kettle black. Except the pot is black and the kettle is a lustrous gray bedazzled in red, white, and blue.

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