Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Daily Democrat News of the Weird

I hate always writing about presidential politics, but I know the media won't give these things a fair shake. If our media did it's job, then I wouldn't feel compelled to write so that people are informed. With that said, here are a few news bits from the last 24 hours or so you might not have heard much about yet.

Hillary's Campaign Gives VIP Seat to Father of America's Biggest Mass Shooter

Yesterday it became news that Seddique Mateen was sitting directly behind Clinton at her rally in Kissimmee Florida, a suburb of Orlando, the city where his son recently committed the largest shooting in our history, and the largest attacks specifically targeting gays. Imagine for a second that the father of Dylan Roof, who killed 9 in a black church, was seen sitting behind Trump at his rally in Charleston. I mean, they ran for a weak shrieking that he kicked a crying baby out of his rally (he didn't), can you imagine if he did something on the level that we see coming out of the Hillary camp every day (and in yesterday's case, multiple times a day)? The bias is so unbelievable.

The best defense that we could offer is that, since Hillary has been pulling fewer than 200 to campaign events, maybe, in fact, those seats weren't vetted. They were merely given to anyone wiling to show up. It would echo the Comey defense: there's no intent, only incompetence. Hillary disavowed his support last night, which is good. But still we are all reminded that the Democrats are the party of criminals. If Hillary wanted my approval she would have drug him up on stage and beat him with a rubber hose until he gave us the location of his daugher-in-law, accomplice to the crime, who has apparently fled the country.

Huma Actively Used Hillary's Email Account, Committed Perjury

A new email released by Wikileaks shows that not only did Huma Abedin have access to Hillary's personal / business email account, but she actively used it. That Huma, a Saudi national with no security clearance, had access to the emails which contained SAP-level (beyond Top-Secret) information isn't news. In fact, Comey confirmed that unauthorized personnel were given access in his deposition before Congress. But most significant is that Huma has, under oath before Congress, denied that she had access to Hillary's account. Here is smoking gun proof that Huma committed perjury. 

The fact that she's not currently in a jail cell is all you need to know. If people are annoyed that mostly all I blog about is presidential politics, it's because two very scary realities are becoming openly obvious: (1) most of the media acts as a propaganda tool for the Democrats, and (2) no crimes will be punished if the president doesn't wish them to be. The notion you hear that the president is a figurehead and has no real power is nonsense. The president can apparently cover any crime within the massive executive branch. In addition to Clinton's stunning criminal record as SoS, we now have veritable proof of Huma's committing a crime by perjuring herself before Congress. It doesn't matter! Go look right now to see who in the media is covering this. Almost no one is. It's being suppressed. There is no reason for any Democrat to tell the truth before Congress as long as they own the White House and the media.

Seth Rich was the DNC Leaker, Was Assassinated by the DNC

Julian Assanage has strongly suggested that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. He has previous suggested it, as well as suggesting that the Russians were not the source, to the point of saying that in the future "many people will have egg on their face." A strong suggestion isn't quite the same as a confirmation, but at the same time it is unprecedented for Wikileaks to be making these statements. It is almost certain that Rich, a deputy data director for the DNC who was shot twice in the back two weaks before Wikileaks posted their emails, was assassinated by people associated with the DNC. Of course the media was more than happy to trumpet the Russia story, to the point of further damaging our relations with them, to distract the public from the obvious scenario. Again any crime, even assassination, can slip by, so long as you have the president and the media in your favor.

This is not meant to be entirely partisan. Of course right now this is going entirely in favor of the Democrats. We saw something similar with the Bush administration. The crimes surrounding Cheney went unpunished, and the media went to bat for him to go to war. But, what we have right now, is an administration that will cover any crime, and media that serves solely as propaganda to cover the president. They are willing to do anything, even murder their own, to see the administration's rule extended via Hillary Clinton.

Newly Released Emails Reveal Connection Between State Dept and Clinton Foundation

More emails have been released showing collusion between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation criminal web. They continue to confirm that the Clintons were selling political favor. I won't go into any detail here. If you haven't, go watch Clinton Cash for a one-hour intro into how the Clintons used the state department to line their own pockets. It's free!

Malia Obama Caught Smoking Pot

Malia Obama was caught smoking pot. Do I care? No. But, I'll be watching this to see how the media covers it. I predict it will be nothing like the media circus we saw when Jenna Bush was caught underage drinking. Remember, if you're an outsider you can't even make a joke about a crying baby. If you're a Democrat in power, you can get away with murder.

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