Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Uselessness of the Neutrals

Vox Day struck a nerve in his post The Only Reasonable Position.
It's well known that fence sitters are cowardly, but their intrinsic dishonesty in equating both sides is arguably more contemptuous.
Ugh, tell me about it. I have a friend on social media who only ever comments when I'm in a heat about something liberals have done, and it's always to let me know I'm getting too critical. (Maybe friend is a strong word.) His response is always to the effect of how both sides do it so it's not really a big deal, let's not get worked up. For instance, when I complained about the unprecedented vitriol against Trump supporters in the election, he responded that it was no different than rednecks talking about "libtards." As if! That's not an equal comparison. Trump supporters were being called racist and worse by the mainstream media and by Hillary herself. That's hardly comparable to what some right-wing nobodies say in the Breitbart comments.

I find the trait so annoying that I don't spend much time with that friend anymore. I just can't imagine living in a mindset where all factions are morally equivalent. Then what's the point of anything? Why be human at all? I really don't understand this. He's a churchgoer too. Does the knowledge of good and evil not compel him? Why go to church if you can't perceive evil and side against it? It should go without saying that he is a libertarian.

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  1. Does this stem from not being able to see reality? The inability to actually view both sides of the argument and only regurgitate the propaganda.