Monday, April 3, 2017

Will Sweden Win the First National Darwin Award?

Sweden is in a race with itself. To survive, the state must destroy itself before the nation is too weak to deal with their little invasion problem. Or at least that's been my take on their situation. This video gives reason to question that assessment, as the state hasn't collapsed but they seem to be not just unwilling to deal with their new neighbors, but unable to.

If I was to write a HowTo guide for destroying one's own country, it could be condensed in to 2 steps.
  1. Provide open borders to young men from 3rd world countries who embrace an ideology of militant expansionism.
  2. Send your women to deal with the problems.
To advocate not doing those two things is just the most basic common sense. Yet in this country the majority would consider it to be racist and sexist. Which just shows you how removed from common sense the western has become.

The problem with irrationality is that ideas no longer sink or swim based on their merits. When society can't choose a good argument from a bad one, then the bad ideas are just as likely to be promoted. But bad ideas can't last forever. Eventually they must square off against the old-fashioned rigors of cold Darwinism. Isn't the whole point of humanity that we are the next step past natural selection? That we can shape the world with intellect and consciousness rather than random chance and selective pressure?

Darwin can't tell us much about whether an idea is good or bad, but he will certainly cast judgment on whether a group of organisms generally makes good decisions. Whether letting in foreigners into your country and sending your women to physically engage is morally right or wrong is a matter that we debate at long length. But Darwin will have his say in either case.

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