Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Resist RINOs and Neocons

A group calling themselves Resist Fascism is organizing a 100-hour anti-Trump protest at the Fox News building in New York City. This is a result of the left's naive and one-dimensional view of the media landscape. They think of CNN and Washington Post and New York Times as centrist. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, such as nearly all of their campaign donations going to Democrats, their collaboration with Democrats that was revealed by the DNC leaks, and that their coverage is blatant propaganda, their media model is that the mainstream media is center, there are a few fringe token publication on the far left (there have to be, to justify the centrist label for mainstream rags) and Fox News represents conservatives, with perhaps Breitbart as the extreme right.

I've seen this in arguments with lefties when I criticize the media. If I make a point about CNN, I hear, "Well Fox News...blah blah blah." It is simply assumed that I watch Fox News, and support them, as Fox News is the other team. These simpletons have the model that you are either a CNN / Post / Times person, or you are a Fox News supporter. So they direct their liberal angst at Fox News. Good. Because frankly, fuck Fox News. They aren't ideologically conservative, and they aren't even pro-Trump. They have some very pro-Trump opinion people, like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson (the only show I would watch if I did), but they also give platforms to people like Sheppard Smith, an anti-Trump rabbit who is billed as a newscaster rather than an opinion show, and Trump's biggest rival Megyn Kelly, who left after deciding she deserved a hefty salary increase. A study from Harvard University determined that Fox News coverage of Trump was, on the whole, negative. Not 90% negative like the supposedly centrist mainstream news orgs, but still majority negative. How poetic that these liberals are holding an anti-Trump protest against an organization whom the most revered lefty academic institution has found to be mostly anti-Trump. I can only imagine their protest slogans.

What do we want?

For Fox News to stop being mostly anti-Trump, and start being fully anti-Trump.

When do we want it?


As described in Resolution of Ideology, if we can properly fragment and layer our ideological signal then we can actually get lefties to do some of our legwork for us. Fox News is, at best, watered-down conservatism and, at worst, moderate liberalism wearing a conservative mask. We want them attacked. No safe quarter for halflings! Protesting them will put pressure for Fox to either appease the lefties (thus revealing their true nature) or to reject them fully and lurch towards the right. The more aggressive and deranged the lefties protest the moderates, the more likely they are to come to our side. I noticed throughout the election cycle that newcomers to r/the_donald were more likely to make the move because of disgust with liberal behavior than from ideological considerations. Our approach to these protests should be to trick them into thinking we oppose these protests, as well as doing anything possible to annoy them so to maximize their vicious and childish public behavior against moderates.

Now take a moment and try to picture what the spokeswoman for this lefty political action group would look like. I'll gives some white space to not give it away.

Here is Sunsara Taylor, the spokesperson for Resist Fascism.

A surprising lack of the sort of "I'm a leftist" signaling we'd expect out of a visible member of that community. Purple hair, nose piercings, gaudy tattoos, massively thick-rimmed concern glasses, and overt displays of non-femininity (manly features & stylings, poor hygeine, fat & proud, etc.) are all missing. She's fairly attractive, for a lefty at least, and at first glance you might even mistake her for one of us. Except I had to really work to get that still, where she's displaying relatively pleasant body language. The following is her more typical expression in that video.

There can be no doubt that is an agitated and angry person. The scowled brow, flared nostrils, and the calling card of the triggered liberal, that furled upper lip. Look familiar?

Even the spokesperson for the group, while on camera being interviewed by a friendly news outlet, can't restrain the raging emotions underneath. This isn't an ideological battle. It's group therapy for some very deranged people. There's nothing we can do about all the crazy people, so we should try to make them work as best as possible for us. I can think of no better use for them than to go out on the streets acting crazy while proclaiming their liberal values and attacking mainstream fake conservatives. Gee, I hope they don't firebomb the National Review. *wink, wink*

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