Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Conservative Case for Taxpayer-Funded Penis Removal in the Military

Donald Trump has abandoned his supposed conservative principles to make a pointless and offensive attack on a segment of American citizens. He has decided to use his executive power to tell people how they should live, how they should feel, and how they should identify themselves. The most cherished conservative value is freedom from government tyranny, yet not the government is telling the transgendered that they can no longer engage in their right to military service.

The decision violates Christian norms as well. Did Jesus say that trannies shouldn't serve in the military? No. Well really the early Christian doctrine was that no one should serve in the military, one of the major reasons they were so despised by the Romans, but they didn't single out any of the 72 genders in their opposition to martial practices. So Trump's ejection of the gender-atypical is not just anti-libertarian, it is anti-Christian as well.

Finally, Trump's decision violates free-market economic principles. Because the transgendered are oppressed in the marketplace, they are more willing to accept difficult, lower-paying jobs, like enlisted military service. By rejecting these applicants, the President is effectively instilling a minimum wage on military service, thus he is distorting the free market and causing a higher burden on taxpayers.

This decisions stinks. It fails the American ideals of personal liberty and limited government, it fails the Christian ethos of universal equality, and it fails free-market economic principles.

[Except to see some drivel like this being pushed out by the National Review and other pseudo-conservative outlets. McCain, who is only ever in the news for bashing Republicans, is in the news for opposing the tranny ban. Some things are just too predictable to even be amusing.]

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