Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why BLM controversies don't make sense to white conservatives

It is astounding to many of us whenever the media make a huge uproar about some case of alleged police racism against blacks, and it turns out the cop was acting reasonably. What's even more astounding is that the more thuggish the "victim", the more enraged they become! For us, rationally, we would think that the more upstanding the citizen, the more the outcry should be, but it's almost the opposite. And that doesn't make sense to us. If a white person is killed by the police (which happens at a higher rate than for blacks, given the crime rates of each group) we aren't likely to be terribly upset if that white person is a shithead with felonies, hate-filled social media, and all that. We probably look at it as a public service.
But blacks react different. And here's why. Black culture, the part that is radicalized by the kinds of arguments BLM makes, is at war with white America. They see white people as oppressors and enemies. The more non-white a black person is, the more they represent their particular cause. I don't mean to generalize all black people, we're talking about the those partial to BLM, or black gangster culture and all that. Here when I say "blacks" or "black people" this is the group I'm talking about, and I'm speaking culturally more than racially. So a real gang banger with warrants and felonies and who maybe beat up some white chicks is not a low life, but a battle-hardened soldier in the war against whites. If some suit-wearing conservative black company man was killed, they might try to play it up for political points, but they don't feel as much empathy for the uncle tom as they do the gangster.
They don't care that the black was resisting, reaching for his gun, and the cop was acting in self defense. They don't care that the driver had 52 prior police interations, was gang-affiliated, and the cop was a bit on edge and assumed he was reaching for the gun he was carrying. They don't care whether the shooting was justified, or maybe an understandable mistake, all they see is a matyr in the holy war against white oppression. And the more anti-white the character, the more he is revered as a true disciple of the cause. If you start to see through this lens, reactions to blacks killed by cops should become less perplexing.
The other confusing part for conservatives is the white liberals. Why do liberals give validation to BLM when logic and statistics mostly don't support that narrative? There are two reasons. First, liberals are scared. They're like rabbits. Rabbits are afraid of predators. Notice how the more violent the group, they more the left panders to them? Radical Muslims, urban black gangsters, you won't hardly find a liberal criticize an actual culture of violence. Rabbits are also afraid of being separated from the group. And because their group identity includes not being racist, they will do anything to avoid being called racist themselves. Take, for instance, the cases in Europe of white girls raped by migrants, but reported the rapes as by white men because they didn't want to be seen as inciting racism against migrants! Truly absurd to us. But when you realize that they are afraid of ever offending potentially violent people (It's racist itself to assume certain races are more violent, right? No, not if it's true, but true having that talk with a liberal), and that they are deathly afraid of being out-grouped from the liberal pack, it starts to be, not logical, but predictable. And the best test for the validity of a model is how well it predicts.
The other thing about liberals is that they are wholly convinced they are more sophisticated than the rubes. It's infuriating to us that they don't grasp what seems like straight-forward logic, but it's not so much that they don't grasp the logic, it's that they refuse it. They disdain the kind of logic that is so simple that an uneducated hick can understand, and assume that if a conservative is saying it, then it must be over simplistic. Anyone can understand that 1+1=2. That's simple. Too simple. But 1+1=3? Now that's some profound shit. Liberals like 1+1=3. Why are conservatives baffled by 1+1=3? Clearly they lack the necessary sophistication. And the more a rabbit professes 1+1=3, or something truly creative like 1+1=chicken soup, the more they signal their liberal identities to each other.
Again, not all individuals, this is the tendency. But it is the tendency that is perplexing. And it just got a little more clear, didn't it?

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