Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Maintenance-Free Means Unmaintainable

Up until so recently, I was in the market for replacement windows, as mine are originals dating back to 1963. I knew they exhibited the normal issues of old windows: cracked panes, poor operation (with some being welded shut by decades of paint), aged appearance, and a couple having serious drafting issues on cold winter nights. I knew I wanted to replace them, but was unsure if the replacements should be wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. I even allowed a couple of door-to-door salesmen to come into my home to give replacement estimates. (Don't do that.)

Fortunately, my online research led me to OldHouseGuy, who advises to always restore old, original windows rather than replace. He has two arguments in favor of keeping old windows. The first is artistic. Old houses were individually designed by an architect, as opposed to today's cookie cutter houses. Thus, unless you have a good reason to know why, in particular, your windows were installed in error, you likely understand the design of your house less than the professional who designed it. The second argument is one of pragmatic efficiency. Wood windows, if properly maintained and restored every 50 years, will last about 200 years. Replacement windows, on the other hand, will be re-replaced in about a tenth of that lifespan.

Buyers believe they are making an economical and environmental choice. The salesmen lie, in a roundabout way. Buyers are told that their energy savings will be 50%, which sounds fantastic. Later, they will find out that the advertised improvement specifically means a 50% reduction in thermal radiation loss through the glass. The overall energy efficiency improvements are normally so small that the new windows will not pay for themselves over their expected lifespan. Additionally, a whole set of plastic-framed windows will find their ways to landfills every twenty years or so. Yet the marketers have managed to convince a gullible public that this unsustainable practice is actually the responsible, environmental choice. [I wonder if anyone has calculated the landfill space required to satisfy AOC's Green New Deal plan to retrofit all buildings to save the environment.]

Doesn't this all seem like a microcosm for America? For one, there is the public virtue (environmentalism) which is hyped to the point of religious fervor and then used to sell solutions to the public that are expensive, make the original problems worse, and introduce new problems. Second, it is symptomatic of America as a throwaway society. Maintenance-free means unmaintainable. Replacement windows don't get fixed, and often can't be. They get thrown away. The same goes increasingly for all consumer goods, including appliances and electronics. Americans now pay over a thousand dollars for the latest iPhones, which get thrown out every couple years. The consumption cycle is to consume, make conspicuous displays of virtue or wealth, and then throw away before consuming again.

It's not just a cycle of stuff, but an approach to life. It is how we treat our own people too. Consider the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019, or, as I call it, the Replace America Act. It passed the House with strong majorities out of both parties. Now, over a third of the Senate is co-sponsoring their version of the bill, including Roy Blunt of Missouri and twenty other Republicans, along with Antifa Party leftists like Kamala Harris. What these pro-family Republicans and pro-labor Democrats are saying is that the American family and the American workforce are effectively maintenance-free. When they start to wear out, just throw away and replace. The combined populations of India and China are so substantial that they could re-populate the entire North American continent with little noticeable impact to their own homelands. Roy Blunt and his cohorts in Congress would like for that to happen. They would rather protect Silicon Valley corporate profits than to maintain the American nation. A preferable solution - which I politely suggested to Sen. Blunt via his contact page - would just be to send Google and Facebook to India, which would solve a number of problems.

It's not just corporate Republicans like Roy Blunt and anti-white agitators like Kamala Harris that promote the Maintenance-Free America agenda; the worst of the lot are the large and generally decent group calling themselves socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Many people find this to be a safe compromise zone to hang out in. Social conservatism has been demonized by the media, and fiscal liberalism carries the stigma of irresponsible idealism. These fence sitters may, in fact, be even more dangerous than the leftists, because socially liberal, fiscally conservative is the same doctrine as Maintenance-Free America. The Replace America Act falls right in line with socially liberal, fiscally conservative, which is why so many Senators from both sides of the aisle are piling on to co-sponsor it. They can all sell it as a victory. Republicans can say, "I supported fiscal conservatism by raising taxable corporate revenues helping to balance the budget." Democrats can say, "I supported social liberalism by importing millions of brown foreigners who historically vote 65% in favor of Democrats." Everybody wins!

Everybody who matters, anyway. The Republicans get their sweet corporate profits. The Democrats get their new voters plus the continued destruction of the American nation. The foreigners get to upgrade to a first-world life in Silicon Valley. (A disputable benefit, as the only place where residents shit in the streets more than India might be San Francisco.) The politicians get their war chests filled with corporate lobby money. Who pays for it all? The American family, and the American worker, whom the Republicans and Democrats pretend to care about. One of the most common things I see today of couples near my age (and I'm not terribly far from 40!) is to delay child-rearing, delay home-buying, delay family-building until they can reach a better financial position. Usually, that means paying off student debt and saving up enough money for a down payment on a home. For those who have migrated to west coast cities, the idea that they'll ever own a conventional family home is merely a pipe dream. Americans have always been told that going to college is the best route to a normal, middle-class life. Instead, tuition rates have skyrocketed, housing prices have skyrocketed, the stock market has skyrocketed, and incomes have stagnated. Why? Because Republicans like Roy Blunt are more interested in the profits of left-wing, treasonous enterprises like Google than in providing livable incomes to American families. Because radical mainstream Democrats like Kamala Harris are more interested in destroying the American nation than in defending American labor. Because no one wants to spend the time and energy in the traditional methods of maintaining the integrity of the family and nation, least of all the socially liberal, fiscally conservative crowd. Instead, the family and nation are treated as maintenance-free, which means they are treated as replaceable.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Contrabang! #13 King of the No-Comma


Last week I wanted to comment on the frequency with which Starts With a Bang! employs a grammatical device we'll call the no-comma. The no-comma starts with the word no, followed by a comma, and then an explanation of how someone is wrong. Fortunately, Ethan gave us two more examples from article titles in just the last week. If we look back over his articles from the past month, the trend becomes apparent.
  • No, The Laws Of Physics Are Not The Same Forwards And Backwards In Time
  • No, Black Holes Will Never Consume The Universe
  • Yes, The Apollo Moon Landings Really Did Happen (this is just a sneaky no-comma)
  • No, Black Holes Don't Suck Everything Into Them
  • No, The Universe Cannot Be A Billion Years Younger Than We Think
  • No, This Is Not A Hole In The Universe
That's a frequency greater than once per week. Compare that to this contrarian blog. In the past year, only a single instance of the no-comma appears, in No, Mr. President... which was only intended to satirize another article. There is something childish, even bratty, about the no-comma. My five-year-old uses it constantly, always searching for ways that the adults are wrong and she's right. It's really annoying, but kids normally grow out of that and learn more polite ways to engage in civilized disagreements. Ethan - who has already hinted that he holds grudges for how he was treated in school as a geek - has not outgrown the urge to declare in direct terms that he is right and you are wrong. It's the same reason he's a Category 5 Clinger to the scientific consensus opinions: an overwhelming desire to be the one who is right, and, similarly, an aversion to any risk of being wrong.

Ask Ethan: Why Do Gravitational Waves Travel Exactly At The Speed Of Light? (link)

General Relativity has nothing to do with light or electromagnetism at all. So how to gravitational waves know to travel at the speed of light?
It's a good question. As we've learned, Ethan does not shy away from difficult questions, but then fails to give them satisfactory answers. In this case, he begins by explaining the source of c, the speed of light in a vacuum.
There are two constants of nature that show up in Maxwell’s equations:
  • ε_0, the permittivity of free space, which is the fundamental constant describing the electric force between two electric charges in a vacuum.
  • μ_0, the permeability of free space, which you can think of as the constant that defines the magnetic force produced by two parallel conducting wires in a vacuum with a constant current running through them.
When you calculate the properties of the electromagnetic radiation produced, it behaves as a wave whose propagation speed equals (ε_0 · μ_0)^(-1/2), which just happens to equal the speed of light.
Thus, the speed of light is not truly a fundamental constant, but can be calculated so long as a couple other constants regarding electric and magnetic properties of the universe are known.

After a bunch of chatter, he gets to the one sentence in the 3,000-word essay that actually addresses the question.
Gravitational waves, like any form of radiation, have zero rest mass and yet have finite energies and momenta, meaning that they have no option: they must always move at the speed of light.
That is not an answer; it just an assumption. The speed of electromagnetic radiation is determined by applying Maxwell's equations of electromagnetic fundamentals. The speed of alleged gravitational radiation is determined by a shrug of the shoulders.

It is not at all obvious why gravitational wave speed should be determined by vacuum permittivity and permeability. That would seem to imply that gravity is actually an electromagnetic phenomenon. [Interestingly, some people in the Electric Universe camp suggest just that!] The article ends by describing some experimental evidence that supposedly confirms the theory that gravitational waves propagate at the speed of light. The major problem with that is...there is no theory.

This Is How Mastering Dark Matter Could Take Us To The Stars (link)

In this piece of science fiction he really outdoes himself.
Even though we have yet to directly detect it, and even though we aren’t sure exactly what its true properties are, dark matter holds a tremendous promise for the future of humanity. Ubiquitously located all throughout the galaxy and far beyond, dark matter could be the perfect fuel that makes our interstellar dreams come true.
Yes, one day this mythical particle, which we can't detect and is theorized to not react with normal matter in any way besides through gravitation, will solve all the major technical limitations of interstellar travel. Also, they say it cures warts.
But dark matter offers a tremendous advantage over normal matter in this regard. Why? Because you don’t have to do anything special to collect it.
He actually said that the same matter they've not been able to observe or produce in a lab or even provide a working theory for what it may be, requires nothing special to collect.
There are a multitude of experiments looking for the collisions of dark matter with both normal matter and itself.
Yes, and they all fail. (The Supicious0bservers newscast provides routine updates on these experiments.)
If you can collect two dark matter particles and make them interact with one another, there’s a finite probability that they’ll annihilate. When an annihilation occurs, they’ll produce pure energy in a 100% efficient fashion: via Einstein’s E = mc². In other words, if we understand dark matter correctly, there’s a free, unlimited source of energy everywhere humanity dreams of going.
A finite probability as opposed to, what, an infinite probability? He's suggesting that there aren't just dark-matter particles, but anti-dark-matter particles as well, and they also float in diffuse halos around galaxies in whatever places are necessary to make the gravitational equations work. Also, they haven't already annihilated each other yet. It doesn't matter why, because dark matter and anti-dark-matter are magical and just do whatever we need them to do.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Bitchute Grab Bag

The USA, China, and the Thucydides Trap

An interesting livestream by Vox Day on the rise of China and simultaneous decline of the US. It's an hour long, but I usually set the playback speed to 1.25X for Vox, since he talks slow.

Global Volcanic Feedback Loop Now Causing Unusual Cold Temperatures

A 20-minute video from Adapt2030 covering the recent flurry of volcanic activity seen globally in concurrence with some record cold temperatures being set in various places. Increased volcanic activity is something that has been predicted by the space weather and Grand Solar Minimum people as a consequence of solar cycles and Earth's weakening magnetic field. They believe, based on historical evidence, that volcanic activity increases during grand solar minima, and that atmospheric ash - ejected all the way into the stratosphere - is the biggest contributor to the lower temperatures of those periods.

AOC Calls Pelosi Racist

Back in March, I offered AOC the following advice:
Call Nancy Pelosi a racist. Would it be insane for the lowest-ranking Democrat in the house to mutiny against the highest ranking? It's a leading question. As a minority, AOC actually outranks Pelosi in the ways that matter to Democrats at-large. Pelosi is already weak, babbling and demented, disliked by progressives who hate seeing old whites in power. With a sustained attack, initially subtle but increasingly aggressive, she could likely drive Pelosi out of power, single-handedly.
As David Knight reports, she has done just that, by suggesting that Pelosi is prejudiced against women of color. The predictions we've always made about white liberals are starting to be realized. We've said that the primary method the Democrats use to gain power is to import nonwhite foreigners and promise to give them wealth taken from whites, in exchange for votes. We've also said that the model would eventually fail for white liberals, as the Democratic party would simply become an ethnic voting bloc with no tolerance for white masters.

Interestingly, the president has publicly defended Pelosi, telling reporters that she is not a racist and that AOC's comments were quite disrespectful. It's true, but those comments coming from Trump will only erode Pelosi's position. The Democrats have been brainwashed by the media that Trump is literally Hitler except worse. Thus, by siding with Pelosi, he subtly reinforces AOC's claims against Pelosi. Trump is playing his hand very well. The media have given Trump one superpower by making him into a Satanesque figure: he can make the liberals hate anything he wants, simply by saying he likes it. He's now exercising the power that they gave to him.

The likely outcome is that Trump sees his opposition fractured, AOC gains additional clout in the anti-white party, and Pelosi becomes the first high-ranking white liberal to be eaten alive by the monster that she helped create.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

140 Reasons Not to Vote Republican

The thing about most extremists is that, if you don't cuddle up to their particular form of zealotry, they automatically assume that you are the polar opposite of whatever they are. I saw this during the election, when I still participated in mainstream social media. Anytime I made any argument about CNN being politically biased, the retort was always, "b-b-b-but muh Fox News!" If you're not on the one team, you must be on the other. Where I grew up, you were either a Cubs fan or you were a Cardinals fan. Every now and again some smartass would say something ridiculous, like they were a White Sox fan... but no one ever took those types seriously.

And so, the arena sports mentality of team loyalty is also a defining feature of our political discourse. I'm actually not the biggest Fox News fan. It is still corporate-run Big Media. It is the home of the news bimbo, and of overly dramatic special effects. While I appreciate their dedication to aesthetics, it's hard to take such an organization seriously as a purveyor of objective truth. (Studies have shown that men are less capable of absorbing information when delivered by beautiful women, which my own independent studies have also confirmed to be true.) Fox News is not all that conservative, either. Not by my book, of course, but not by anyone's book. Sheppard Smith is every bit the flaming anti-Trumper that Anderson Cooper is, and the OG anti-Trumper - Megyn Kelly - was a Fox News host before she got too big for her britches. There are some redeeming characters, like Tucker Carlson - the closest we'll probably get to a nationalist on mainstream TV - and Maria Bartiromo - who provided excellent coverage of FISAgate. Still, overall, Fox News isn't really my thing, I don't watch it, and I'm certainly not indirectly defending Fox News anytime I criticize CNN.

Similarly, some people that I know have said they can't believe I ended up becoming a Republican. Well, they can trust their lack of belief, because I'm not. Enthusiastic support for Trump does not equate to party loyalty. I also enthusiastically voted for Ron Paul, but did not vote for either McCain or Romney. The corporate/deep-state Republicans are hardly any more palatable than their Democrat counterparts. The major highlights of the Bush II presidential legacy were the Patriot Act, the No Child Left Behind Act, Wall Street bailouts, and wonton imperialism. With conservatives like that, who needs liberals? 

Today, the Republicans have given us more reason to reinforce any belief that they are not deserving of our loyalty. Not because they aren't better than Democrats - they are - but because they still can't be depended on to do the right thing. The House of Representatives voted to extend green cards to an additional 300,000 Indian contractors, plus 300,000 of their family members, plus an extra 75,000 to be awarded each year. The House voted that the middle and working classes, who were finally starting to beat the scourge of stagnant wages and eternal debt plaguing them since the 1970s, should remain destitute. Both parties voted for the measure. The Democrats voted that middle and lower-class incomes should continue to fall relative to the very rich. The Republicans voted that economic arguments always outweigh all others; that corporate profits are more important than American families or national cohesion. 140 out of 197 Republicans (71%) voted yay, as did 224 out of 232 Democrats (97%). Oh look, the Republicans are somewhat less evil and less hypocritical than the Democrats...which is all we ever said they were.

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Against Trump Twiitter

In May of last year, I commented on a ruling made by a federal court out of the Southern District of New York that decreed that Donald Trump was not allowed to block anyone on Twitter.
While I incorrectly predicted the outcome of the initial case, I have to stick by that inclination. I don't see how this ruling stands.
Wrong again! A federal appeals court has actually upheld the ruling. At this point, unless the case is picked up by the Supreme Court, it will stand as the official legal opinion of the federal courts. Terrible news? If you held out hope that our legal system was a rational system, and above making petty political rulings, then yes, it's bad news. But overall, this is a good ruling for us, as it causes some serious headaches for Twitter and other politicians on the platform.

Following the ruling, two Twitter users who were blocked by AOC filed suit against her in the Eastern District of New York - which happens to also fall under the jurisdiction of the appeals court that upheld the Trump ruling. It would seem that the court would have to follow suit, and rule that her account (even her personal account) is a public forum from which no Americans may be excluded. That, or they will have to come with even more contorted logic to explain how the president's Twitter account is a public place, but a US Representatives' is not. The onus is now on the federal courts to decide whether the ruling applies to all elected officials, or if the decree is merely that special rules apply to Trump only.

This is going to make things interesting for other politicians. Despite all claims, Trump wasn't blocking anyone - even political opponents - from engaging in rational debate. Those blocked were the ones being verbally abusive, obstinate, and inflammatory. They were not having a discussion, they were hurling abuse at the president to gain status points from their ideologues. They were not engaging in the kind of discourse vital to democratic health that the courts pretend they were. They were doing quite the opposite.

So the ruling would seem to state that "all elected officials must be subjected to all forms of degrading abuse on their personal Twitter accounts." That makes Twitter vastly less appealing. It degrades the platform of our enemy, which is great. However, we know what the response will be. Twitter will simply ban anyone berating liberal officials while permitting anything directed at conservatives short of death threats. It's the same selective enforcement that already occurs, except that now there is a legal precedent to be allowed access. All conservatives banned by Twitter will be positioned to enter a class-action lawsuit against Twitter for blocking their access to a federally-protected public space. (I'm tempted to create a Twitter account just to get banned, so that I can jump on.) It should be trivial for any lawyer to show that many conservatives were banned with no evidence given that they violated the terms of the user agreement.

The benefit of all this is that it puts more pressure on the establishment institutions that it does on us. The courts have to engage in a public spectacle of rationalization. Twitter must expend great energy in regulating all this, while at the same time their appeal to public officials is greatly diminished. And liberal officials may now be subjected to the same abuses they encouraged to be lobbied against Trump. All in all, we have a lot of reasons to hope that this ruling stands.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Groups of Teenagers

We learned during the Covington Catholic affair that, if a group of mostly white teenagers are involved in some altercation, even if they were not at fault, the media will put the entire white race on full blast, invoking blatantly racist terminology such as white privilege, an implication that whites have some unspecified but unfair advantage in life, and must be given a handicap. Here are just a few snippets from the flood of mainstream commentary which identified the boys who had allegedly committed a hate crime.
  • "Dozens of mostly white teenage boys" - The Daily Beast
  • Salon spoke of the boys' "White victimology, white privilege"
  • The Atlantic said the boys were "nearly all white"
  • The Washington Post described them as "white, MAGA-wearing schoolboys"
  • CNN described them as "mostly white"
  • The New York Times described them as a taunting "group of white teenagers"
On the other hand, when there is an epidemic of violent, anti-social behavior by non-white teenagers, even when the video and photographic evidence makes clear the crimes and the perpetrators, the media absolutely refuse to specify the race, instead using generic terms to describe them, just as "teenagers" and "youth." Here are a few examples currently or very recently in the news.
  • When 60 black teenagers ran amok and looted a Philly Walgreens "group of teenagers (CBSABCBreitbart)
  • When Chico police arrested a group of black teenagers causing trouble at a city park. (local CBS & NBC affiliate)
  • When one adult and four underage Hispanics shot randomly at cars (2News)
  • When black thieves ran rampant in the Seattle area (KIRO7)
  • When blacks stole $30,000 in merchandise from a North Face outlet (Insider)
  • When black teens were beating random strangers on the street (DailyMail)
Not included are numerous recent examples from Europe, where everyone inherently knows who is being referred to, but all photographic evidence, and even the names of adults who may have been arrested along with the legally protected minors, are kept hidden from the public. As a rule of thumb, if the media reports on some miscreant behavior by teenagers or youths, and does not somehow identify them as being white, it can be assumed that they are not. The mainstream media reports on incidents differently depending on the race of the culprits, because they are racist.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Morning Grab Bag

Just rounding up a few things not worthy of their own posts.

Buttigieg Taking the Lead?

Nearly 3 months ago, in Social Gospel Movement, I predicted Buttigieg as the eventual Democratic nominee.
This Buttgay fellow is a similar deal. A gay progressive Christian! The left will simply adore this open mockery of the Christian faith. He's just the kind of degeneracy the left is looking for. And, the first gay president beating Literally Hitler...it's a story arc that's hard to resist. [My prediction, at this point, is Buttgay wins the Dem nomination, but loses in the general because blacks and Latinos are not going to turn out strongly for a homosexual.]
I've not retracted that prediction, nor offered a replacement. Today, Styx reports that Buttigieg raised more money in Q2 than the other Democrat candidates, including Biden. He is becoming the corporate-preferred candidate and, as we learned a couple years ago, the establishment always wins in Democrat primaries. Progressives, to their credit, have only shown lukewarm support for Sellout Sanders. They seem to realize - although they'll rarely admit it in conversation with a Trump supporter - that he shilled out to the corrupt, establishment candidate because of a media propaganda narrative that Trump was literally Hitler except way worse.

Riots in Israel

World Israel News reports on widescale rioting in Israel after police there inadvertently executed an Ethiopian Jew when a warning shot fired into the ground ricocheted and killed a suspect. This is after months of friction between Ethiopian Jews and Israeli police, as we reported on in February in Canines in the News.

In regards to the revolt against the Israeli state by Ethiopians, I can offer them only one piece of advice: diversity is Israel's strength. I would advise that they tear down their border walls (which are racist) and build bridges instead. It's time for the ruling Ashkenazi Jews to acknowledge their white privilege and cease their racist, anti-Semitic behaviors towards Ethiopian Jews. 😂

It would be easier to evoke some sympathy if Jews would spend some more time in maintaining internal security in their own nation-state and less in destroying ours.

Tommy Robinson Begs for Asylum

Tommy Robinson, who just received what may amount to a death sentence for exercising what in American would be called his Freedom of the Press, has begged for asylum in the United States. As Vox Day points out, Tommy has never referred to himself as an American patriot or nationalist, but has called himself a Zionist. Perhaps he should instead ask for asylum in Israel. 

Epstein Arrested

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested in New York after a police raid on his Manhattan home. The media and Wikipedia have been working to suppress all record of Epstein's involvements with the Clinton cabal and instead associate him with Trump. This is the closest we've come yet to seeing some actual swamp drainage. It has long been alleged that Epstein is at the center of a vast blackmail ring that keeps various factions of the ruling elites bound together. While the actual evidence collected in the raid will likely not see the light of day - because by nature it is pornographic - it may be an effort by white hats to break up the corrupt ruling cabal. On the other hand, details are skant about who actually is running the operation here. We've lost trust in both the DOJ and New York state prosecutors. It could actually be an effort by black hats to secure the damning evidence to protect the cabal.