Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Diversity Implies Bigotry

The highest virtue in the modern left is an unwavering support for Diversity. If you asked your typical social justice warrior what diversity means they'd respond with some platitude such as, "Diversity is the celebration, tolerance, and promotions of a society enriched with people from a large variety of backgrounds." However in practice Diversity means two things:

  1. It is an identity categorization of people based on their identity. Ethnicity, gender, and sexuality are the only considered factors. Diversity demands we judge people by the color of their skin, not the content of their character.
  2. It means fewer white people, fewer men, fewer straight people. Diversity is effectively the open prejudice against straight white men.
Diversity is always about identity politics. The left isn't pushing for diversity of thought. 90% of the media vote Democrat. In some academic fields 80% self-identify as liberal, with most of the rest calling themselves moderates. Almost no in in fields like social psychology are conservative, and there are plenty of testimonies of conservative professors pushed out of their institutions. The closest we they might come to calling for diversity of ideas is for religious beliefs, but even then liberals view Jews and Muslims as racial groups..

That Diversity means fewer white people is self-evident. The amount of sneering I hear from liberals when they say "white male" like it's an insult is truly astonishing. Even here in southwest Missouri! The group that calls for equality of the genders and races does not hesitate to insult white men for their identities. And in practice the liberal programs such as Affirmative Action always penalize white men. Strangely, they also penalize East Asians, though they don't like to talk about that. East Asians are highly intelligent, productive, and adapt to their host cultures. So the left treat them like white people. They can drop identity politics if they are absolutely forced to.

The title of this piece is Diversity Implies Bigotry. You might make the counter argument that you can't use the leftist use of the word diversity (which I have been typing as Diversity to reflect the sacredness they reserve for the word) and you would be correct. Liberals' use of the word is both superficial, and contorted to fit their leftist objective: that successful groups are punished and the underperforming are rewarded. It's socialism. But I would still posit that real diversity, racial,cultural, etc, still requires what they would call bigotry, which is really just discrimination. 

The left thinks diversity means mixing everyone together. The right thinks diversity means keeping people separate. When we all blend in a melting pot, no one is unique. There is no cultural enrichment when everyone is the same culture. This applies genetically as well. The liberal obsession with racial interbreeding (reports from the right in England is that a great number date across ethnic lines just to show how non-racist they are) just means that ethnic variations will be smoothed out. That isn't diversity at all. Take the example of red heads. Their phenotype is very recessive. If they interbreed with dark-skinned people, red heads will virtually disappear from the earth. Is that diversity? Of course not. Diversity should be maintained! But for that to happen, red heads must pledge to breed with their own. They must effectively say to people, "I'm sorry I cannot breed with you because of your genetics if I want to preserve genetic diversity." And that, the left would say, is hateful bigoted racism.

As we see the left's posture on diversity and bigotry is completely self-contradictory, and should be completely ignored by rational people.

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