Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Muslims Kill Liberals

Captain Capitalism's post Why I Just Don't Care About the London Attack laid out several reasons for Mid America conservatives to take an aloof stance to the threat of Islamic terrorism. Chief amongst them was that terrorists tend to target liberal locales. Paris, London, a gay nightclub in Florida. The irony is that the people most likely to open the doors to all Muslim immigrants are the ones most likely to end up with their guts spilled out on the pavement of some chic cosmopolitan neighborhood. (Maybe it's not that ironic.) It seems like the post was very recent; like I just read it. And yet it is somewhat aged in the genre of Crazed Islamic foreigner rams speeding truck through European crowd events.

Since then we've had the Stockholm incident. This image showed up on Reddit.

It may seem a bit macabre or cold to call this poetic justice, but really what else can you say about it. And what an almost immediate validation of Cappy's post on why even the angsty alt-righter can find some serenity in the chaos of the modern world. But wait, there's more! Another victim was a Belgian psychologist who had worked with failed refugees.

Cappy might be a lot of things: a womanizer, an asshole, and an overly excited speaker on his podcasts. But he sure can call a murder trend when he spots it routinely over the course of several years. It's not often a blogger gets his model so quickly verified by world events, so I'm sure if he has seen these headlines he is taking some measured amount of validation.

And sadly, I feel compelled to post the following picture, since this is the week where we post pictures of dead kids to drive political objectives. This young girl was the first victim of the Stockholm massacre. I'll spare the gruesome imagery (a courtesy our corporate media ignores when there's a desirable war to be mongered), but she started her day as a happy Swede and ended it with her body ripped in half on the streets of Stockholm. I doubt anyone will launch cruise missiles in her honor.

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  1. Cappy's awesome! While pushing for STEM, he doesn't point out that half of all STEM graduates don't work in their field of study, but he's right on most issues, if you think about them a little. He's also rarely boring, even reading about his sponsors, he throws a little knowledge and anecdotes in there.