Monday, January 16, 2017

3 Times Trump Statements Matched His Character

There are some occasions when Trump has made a statement that was bizarre or confused his many political detractors. I want to highlight 3 of them to illustrate how they make sense given his persona.

Uncouth Statement About Ivanka

One Trump utterance that the left loves to hound Trump for was his statement in an interview that if she wasn't his daughter he might date her. Of course his opponents take it to a very lewd place, which is frankly worse than Trump's comments were to begin with. But there's no reason to believe he had some sinister meaning behind it, or that it revealed lust for his own daughter. Donald Trump only dates the best women in the world. As a self-made billionaire and television persona he can be as choosy as anyone. His typical female companions are European supermodels. Trump said that about his daughter because to him it is the greatest compliment he could give: even he might date her. Such a statement does reveal a good deal of self-centerdness. A strong ego is to be expected of someone in his position, but it goes too far when it causes someone to make a gaffe like that. While his opponents make disgusting allusions to it, in his own way it was sweet, just so very awkward.

Failing New York Times

A favorite word of Trump's to use is failing. The failing New York Times. He called Buzzfeed a failing pile of garbage. He uses the word a lot. Trump values winning. He's a competitor. He can't stand losing and that's what drives him. For him to call his opponents failure or losers is for him to launch the worst insult he can think of.

Putin as Adversary

People are confused about Trumps recent comments about Putin, when he said there was a good chance he wouldn't even get along with him. Was he serious. Was this a change is fairly warm stance on Putin? Was this Trump making a show to prove he isn't some Russian puppet as some very delusional people with surprisingly high status seem to believe?

Trump is labeled by the media as brash, rude, offensive. But if you look back at the people he has been hostile, in most cases that person either (a) had insulted Trump first, or (b) was his direct competitor. So people knew about his insults to Rosy O'Donnell but not what she had done to provoke him. The media went on nonstop about Trump attacking a gold star family or whatever they were, but usually glossed over that Mr Kahn gave a key speech at the Democrat National Convention insulting and berating Trump throughout. People also saw him being a real asshole to other Republican candidates, and assumed that's who he is.

Trump is ruthless to his competitors. He seems to generally be kind to everyone else. When he becomes president, Putin will become his competitor. Trump wants to win. He wants America to win. He will fight Putin or anyone who stands in our way. I sense the both have great mutual respect, but they will soon be engaged in battle against one another. Will Trump become openly hostile to foreign heads of state that cross him? We'll all have to find out.


Trump is not an orator. He is inarticulate and often ineloquent. He was elected despite those flaws. People wanted substance over style. In some ways he is brilliant, but public speaking is not one of those. However, if you understand how he operates much of what he says makes more sense. Long dubbed a wild card or loose cannon, he is actually consistent in his own way.

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