Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's Time to Stop Defunding Bass Pro Shops

  1. By defunding Bass Pro Shops, Congress is depriving Americans of their constitutional right to guncare.
  2. Defunding Bass Pro Shops disproportionately deprives the poor and minorities of access to guncare.
  3. Gun sales only make up 3% of Bass Pro Shops' business. They primarily provide needed services such as fishing gear which many Americans use to feed their families. Many children will go hungry unless we start funding Bass Pro Shops.
  4. Defunding Bass Pro Shops is sexist because most of their customers are men.
  5. If left defunded the poorest Americans who are least able to afford other methods of home defense, such as security systems, will be forced to acquire guns in shady back alley deals, which poses a serious threat to their personal health and safety.
  6. Funding Bass Pro Shops would actually lower the rate at which men would have to purchase firearms to begin with. Men are forced to make that expensive and painful decision when they are not provided with easy access to ammunition. A man provided with monthly access to bulk .223 hollow points won't be forced to undergo a .308 upgrade operation. Providing men with the ammunition that best suits their bodies and armament collections will decrease firearm purchases and keep guns off the streets.
  7. Men have a right to control their bodies and to dress without being shamed. If a man identifies as a CCW holder with a snub-nosed .38 special in a black leather chest holster then society must respect his unique identity.

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