Sunday, January 29, 2017

Omarosa on The View

This video has been going around. Watch it if you want. I wouldn't recommend as it's pretty painful.

Some thoughts on it.
  1. This is not a conversation or an interview. It is a hit piece. It is not meant for any sort of of exchange of information or rationale or even consensus building. It is base entertainment of the lowest caliber. It is rage porn. All they're trying to do is "get" the guest so they can deliver the audience that dopamine hit they get from the combination of righteous indignation / moral validation. They constantly try to stump her and when she handles it they just interrupt to make the next attack. "That's too bad about your brother being murdered but what about...." Pathetic.
  2. The audience is primed for this as well. Look at how they erupt in applause when the tax returns are brought up, as if it means anything at all. There wasn't even an argument behind it. It was just trigger word → Pavlovian response.
  3. How they treat conservative whites and blacks is appalling. We hear over and over again that Trump is a racist and his cabinet is too white. Then when he brings any minority onto his team they assume it was for the optics only. A diversity hire, if you will. (Nevermind the leaked emails showing diversity hiring was the primary consideration of Obama's cabinet.) So there's not way for whites to win. If they don't hire minorities they are racist, and if they do they are pandering. For the first time we have a Republican that isn't even trying to please them. It's a double-loss for blacks too. Liberals have made diversity hiring so routine, affirmative action so common, that everyone assumes any minority on a team is a diversity hire. And I can empathize with how enraging it must be to have been picked by Trump for your extraordinary talents and then have that minimized because everyone assumes you were hired as an identity and not as an individual.
  4. Omarosa makes a very good point: they keep wanting to refight the election. And as annoying as it is, this is a good thing. Hopefully it lasts four year. Because Trump already won that election. And in the election the most damaging aspect for Trump (ignoring the 24/7 media slander) was his lack of government experience. No one could be completely sure that he'd handle the job. So if they want to have the same election again, but this time Trump with a much fattened resume in the government experience department, then really we couldn't ask for anything better.

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