Thursday, February 2, 2017

Arguing with a liberal about Fascism

Here is an example of the types of arguments you can have with a liberal about fascism. This was on a Reddit thread asking if people were okay with the use of violence at the Milo rally to fight fascism. Starts with me.
"Is the use of violence to suppress free speech not fascism?"
"When not done by the government, no, it's not."
"So how are Milo's speeches fascism? He doesn't work of or on behalf of the government."
"They advocate fascism."
"I can't find any reference to Milo saying, 'I advocate for fascism'. Can you direct me to policies he advocates that can be construed as fascist?"
"No, I'm not going to go researching his views."
That pretty well sums them up. Their entire logical underpinning is a tautology. What makes them fascist? They advocate for fascism. Which of their proposals in particular is fascist? I'm not going to research a bunch of fascists.

Now this is just a nice example that really boils it down. Normally there's all kinds of goalpost shifting and strawman arguments so it was nice just to drill down to the core of things.

Notice that the side that accuses us of being against science, reason, and evidence will instinctively turn themselves off to those things when it challenges their biases. This is a normal human tendency, but some more than others. For some it causes us to drink Pepsi even though objectively Coke is better. For others it causes them to loot the most liberal city in the world because fascists are fascists because they promote fascism because they're fascists.

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