Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Stop Global Warming in Three Easy Steps

Feeling bummed because John Oliver told you climate change is a fact? That's okay, there's plenty that you, yes you, can do yourself to end the ravages of CO2 emissions on our planet. It won't be easy, but heck, if saving the planet was easy everyone would be doing it, right?

Stop driving

Personal vehicles are not only the most convenient mode of transportation, they are also the least energy efficient. There is simply no way one can be a credible advocate for the destruction being caused by CO2 emissions if they are using an automobile for their own transportation. Resorting to mass transportation and ride sharing are much more efficient. But really these still have their own carbon emissions. To really fight climate change one must accept the challenge of walking to all destinations. One exception might be to ride a horse, but make sure it is pasture-fed. No cheating with tractor-rolled hay bales or farm-grown grains!

Stop heating and cooling your home

Central heating for homes generally runs directly off gas, which directly creates CO2 emissions, or off electricity, which indirectly creates even more CO2 emissions. Even worse is air conditioning, which is even less efficient than electrical heating. Consider alternate modes of regulating the temperature of your house. Open windows in summer, and lots of blankets in winter. Planting decidious trees on your souther exposure will help with temperate regulation. If you do need to heat your home, only do so by burning wood harvested locally without CO2 emiting devices such as chainsaws.

Stop consuming products shipped by truck, rail, ship, or plane

The global economy is a massive polluter. Fight back by buying only local products that you acquire on foot. This means all your food will be sourced from the local farmers' markets! Be careful though, as they tend to transport to town by truck. You'll need to journey to the farms yourself to make sure your food sourcing does not leave a carbon footprint. Similar conditions apply for clothing, medicine, shelter, and other necessities of life.

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