Thursday, February 16, 2017

Universality in the US

Universality is the principle from philosophy that morality judgments should be applied to all individuals and groups uniformly. In fact, we can often tell if there is injustice by inverting the parties involved to determine if the moral determination is altered. Consider the following scenarios.

  • 96% of campaign donations by the media are directed towards the Republican party.
  • Whites are given preferential access to colleges and jobs.
  • Women receive 63% longer jail sentences than men for the same crime.
  • Haiti engages in a bombing campaign against the US for not handing over the terrorist Emmanuel Toto Constant.
  • Whites commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate of other races.
  • Custody courts rule in favor of men 90% of the time.
  • Iran maintains a heavy naval presence in the Gulf of Mexico to ensure oil makes it safely to market from Texan ports, and maintains numerous bases in Mexico, Cuba, and Canada to support them.
  • Republicans routinely inflict violence on Democrats to suppress their freedoms of speech and assembly.
  • European nations pay a heavy burden for the defense of NATO while the US pays very little.
  • All non-white countries are expected to diversity their ethnic compositions. However white countries are free to remain homogeneous.
  • Men host nationwide marches but women's rights advocates are widely ridiculed and condemned as misandrists.
  • 20 million Americans enter northern Mexico illegally. They take jobs from the locals, enroll in social programs, and frequently vote in Mexican elections.
Do you think any of these scenarios would cause tremendous outrage in mainstream America? If so it might be the case that our society is driven by identity politics more than principles, which does not bode well for the long-term stability of the nation.

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