Saturday, March 18, 2017

Liberals Openly Advocate for Importing Votes

Keeping a blog is satisfying when you've gone on the record (in a sense) with some idea or argument, and then evidence roles in to support it. Encountering evidence that corroborates multiple posts is a zenful experience that normies just don't get to enjoy. Here's something that ties together two unrelated but recent posts.

Why Democracies Drift Left showed the when the leftist party has run out of potential voters on the left to enfranchise, it will seek to import foreign voters.

Genocide You Can Just Wish Away talked about the intentional genocide of white people in their own countries. 

Salon did me the favor of supporting both arguments with an article titled Everyone’s wrong on immigration: Open borders are the only way to defeat Trump and build a better world. They are explicitly arguing for a flood of immigrants so that liberals can regain political power. There is no possible confirmation of the first post listed from this blog.

To the second post, perhaps the Salon article falls short of explicit corroboration. They don't advocate for fewer white people overall, although they do implicitly argue for fewer white people as a percentage. As a thought exercise, if a nation starts out with 100 million of race A, and you import 100 million + 1 of race B, is it genocide? No, I guess not necessarily, but you have just deprived a nation of its self-determination. That's surely some crime. Think of it this way. Mexico has 120 million people. 60+ million in the US voted for Trump. Add in their families and you're easily over 120 million. Scenario: Trump loses the next re-election. Trump supporters surrender the country as lost and start migrating en masse to Mexico. What would liberals call that? Neo-colonialism? National gentrification? Invasion? They certainly would consider it to be immoral and criminal, and you can be sure many would call it genocide.

Either way, thank you Salon for proving that liberals are Fake Americans who want to import foreigners for the purposes of short-term political gain.

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