Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Russian Connection. If Only.....

Moscow Accused Trump of Lack of Professionalism

A Russian senator has labeled Trump as "unprofessional" in response to Trump's criticism of the Start-III and accusations of Russian violations of the INF Treaty.

In his interview with Reuters, Trump alleged that Russia deployed cruise missiles in violation of INF Treaty. Thus, the US president believed the rumors spread last week by the US media and Senator John McCain. The assertion that “ a combat-ready unit of cruise missiles” has been deployed turned out to groundless, as the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously pointed out to Washington.

Imagine you're Trump. You've heard from John McCain, the media, and the US intelligence community that Russia has violated a nuclear treaty. You meet with Putin, and question him on the issue. Putin responds that the allegations are false.

Who do you believe? McCain the war hawk who has done everything to sabotage Trump's legitimacy? The media who has lied about Trump more times than could possibly be counted? The intelligence community, which has been leaking like a sieve and even wiretapped candidate Trump? Or Putin, a Russian intelligence veteran who has had years to shake down his intelligence apparatus and has a tendency towards candor?

The left has gone absolutely batshit crazy over an alleged Russian connection. It's almost too bad there's not evidence to support it. I would hope that there has been such a channel so that Trump is getting information from sources other than those than have gone unhinged in their attempts to sabotage him. He is in a very tough position in which it is very difficult for him to know who can be trusted. The oligarchy is undergoing a massive allergic reaction in order to reject the intruder. This kind of massive internal sabotage is not something his business experience could have prepared him for. Trump's successes came from building businesses, not engaging in hostile takeovers. It is difficult for us to know just how prepared he is for the task he has brought upon himself. His best chance for a clear picture of how the US government really operates may come not from within the structure that has mastered the art of bending elected officials to its will, but from outside entities that have mastered the art of surveilling the inner workings of the US government.

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