Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Beta Male Inaction

A video going around on Facebook shows a Philly policeman maintaining a professional demeanor during an encounter with an extremely belligerent and hostile woman. She is probably drunk but definitely nuts. I'd bet that she's a virtue-signaling prog and that, given her belligerence, she has a social media trail that could quickly settle the wager.

The video isn't that interesting on its face. Yes, the cop did an excellent job holding his composure, yet we sort of hold cops to that standard anyway. Good for him, but he is just doing his job. More interestingly, watch the limp-wristed beta manlet she has in tow. Have you ever seen anything so pathetic? I initially assumed he was her boyfriend, and maybe he is. He plays the role of the ineffective appeaser. He tries to calm the woman down, which doesn't work. He tries to restore positive vibes with the officer, which doesn't work. This guy doesn't really do anything; he might as well not exist.

He's so weak that I have to question if he's really with her, or is just your standard beta orbiter hoping he can appease his way into her pants. The fact that the woman made sexually suggestive comments towards the cop would indicate that she's not romantically involved with the manlet. And it doesn't matter really. Maybe he's her brother or her co-worker. The dynamic is the same. The woman feels free to be as awful as she wants because no matter how grotesque she becomes some pathetic manboy will remain dutifully by her side. A healthy person signals and maintains personal boundaries and all relationships are conditional on those boundaries being respected. This guy seems to have no set boundaries and, even when it's apparent that he realizes her behavior is unacceptable, is unwilling to exercise the only card that most people have in such a situation: a willingness to terminate an unsatisfactory relationship. They say you can't change a person. Well, you can. You can give them the option of respecting your boundaries or losing the relationship. If you are sufficiently valuable to them they will change their behavior, or try to at least.

This is a micro version of the macro problem in society. The progs are out of control. No one is forcing them to conform to any sort of modes of behavior. How do we "walk away" in our scenario? I say give them California. Dice it off and deport the most radical lefties to their prog paradise. They'll be begging for us to take them back within a decade.

UPDATE has more on the incident. The reporter has lost her job and is claiming she didn't drink that much and was probably drugged. Lol. She admits thought that she had at least 5 drinks. That's enough to get a lot of girls hammered. We've all seen it. Here's a better shot of the perp.

A pretty brunette with those blue-green eyes? No wonder she never heard the word no. But either way guys, hot or not, boundaries are boundaries. And my respect to the beautiful women out there (I understand many of them read this blog) who remain grounded despite society giving them plenty of room for bad behavior. Frankly, it takes more self-discipline for pretty women to maintain character and class because society (played in this scene by the lanky beta male) rewards them either way.

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