Friday, June 2, 2017

The Ol' Libtard Switcharoo

Kathy Griffin bought herself another fifteen minutes of fame by enacting an ISISesque (there's a fun word) beheading of Donald Trump in a photo shoot. The response has been almost universal condemnation. Even Chelsea Clinton expressed her disgust at the act. (Credit where it's due). Griffin, who has apologized, is planning a conference today, to talk about her bullying at the hands of the Trump family! If you suspect the world might be going nuts, you wouldn't suffer a shortage of evidence to support the claim.

The tactic at hand, to accuse your opponent of whatever you have done, is straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook and is used routinely by the left. (I'm sure there are Republicans who do too. That party isn't without its share of cretins.) It was the driving force behind the "Trump attacks gold star family" fiasco, where the father of the fallen soldier delivered an insulting diatribe against Trump in a key speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. When Trump returned the rebuke, he was vilified by the media for daring to say anything bad about such a nice man.

[Trump seems to have learned the hard way that a high-status person can raise the status of a lower person by responding to their criticisms. Despite excellent execution in one direction (Trump was able to get the media to raise his status by tricking them into covering him all the time), he seemed surprisingly unable to defend himself from the reverse scenario, such as when he tweeted against SNL after he was already president. He could have circumvented this painful learning process by reading Antifragile, an excellent book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.]

The ultimate example of the Ol' Libtard Switcharoo has been the Russian conspiracy theory. Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the media colluded to make sure the Democratic primary was not a fair contest. When the evidence of that cheating leaked, they flipped the script. Instead of being evidence of the cheating in favor of the Democrats, that evidence became evidence of cheating against the Democrats! Can you appreciate not just how utterly absurd this is, but that half the American population bought the ruse? This is profoundly troubling, but interesting too, in this sense that watching one's body succumb to cancer might be interesting from a scientific perspective. One day a Democrat will be arrested for murdering his wife and, not being able to help himself, will plead, "I didn't murder her. She murdered me!" Hopefully the police are not as gullible as the American voting public.

I don't like to name call. Not everyone who is a liberal should be called a "libtard". Many are decent; some are quite smart. But anyone who engages in or falls for this mindless "I know you are but what am I" charade is fair game. They aren't using the human brain they were blessed with. They are subject to ridicule. So please, when you see the Ol' Libtard Switcharoo in action, call it out for what it is.

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