Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Law of Immigrant Domination

The recent post Why Muslims Keep Committing Terror Attacks in Europe proposed a Law of Immigrant domination.
To take over a democratic nation through immigration, the invaders must amass a voting population equal to  $\frac{1}{3}$ of the native voting population to achieve political dominance.
The idea is that in a democracy the immigrant bloc does not need a population majority to control the national politics. Because some percentage of the native population will be r-selected traitors, all that is needed is for the immigrant + r-type populations to exceed 50% of the total. Without knowing anything about the distribution of r-types, k-types, and moderates in a particular country, the best we can do is assume a uniform distribution, hence $\frac{1}{3}$ for each segment.

What we need is an index to measure the r-selectedness of a nation. (AnonCon hinted at doing something like this in a recent post.) Developing a science for measuring general r-selectedness would require enough work to fill a book. Let's just look at the case study at the core of all this: Muslim migration into Europe. The best litmus test is a straightforward question: do you support more Muslim immigration into Europe? Those who support it are r-types, those who reject it are K.

A recent poll has asked exactly that question to Europeans. The results don't show a uniform distribution. (But we wouldn't really expect them to.)

Unfortunately, our guinea pig for Muslim takeover, Sweden, is not mentioned. Let's just look at the results as a whole.

Opposed: 54.6%
Neutral: 25.3%
Support: 20.1%

Germany's numbers are pretty similar to the European average. So this looks quite a bit better than the uniform distribution assumed by the Law of Immigrant Domination. This would indicate that only 20% of Europeans are hard r-selected, which is much lower than I would have assumed, given the overall tone of their rhetoric. By this measurement, assuming it is reflective of native Europeans and not skewed by immigrants in the survey, Muslims would need 38% of the population to dominate politically. Whatever the demographics numbers are currently, we're a long way from 38%.

Or are we? In the US the non-white population is at about that percentage. And since current trends indicate a growing racial divide in politics (there's a pro-white party and an anti-white party, more or less) then we aren't really far from that dynamic in the US at all. Further, we must consider that western nations are not pure democracies. Most Europeans want to ban immigration, yet immigrants keep coming in by the boatload. The vast majority of Americans opposed the Wall Street bank bailouts, yet they were handed out from presidents of both parties. Saying that a voting bloc needs 50% of the population is idealistic: the number is skewed, sometimes heavily, by the will of the ruling elites. In the west the elites are obsessed with foreign immigration, which can be judged by their propaganda activities (mainstream media) and by what elected politicians are actually saying.

The Law of Immigrant Domination is clearly far too simple to capture the complexities at play here. Even if we could capture the dynamics in a model, we'd be too short on good data to make very good use of it, and we don't have much in the way of historical precedent to compare with. Does it really matter though if the model is not predictive? It hardly matters whether the tipping point is 25% or 38% Muslim. We'll make it there in either case, as things are headed now. This is probably one of those areas where human intuition and logic are just as effective as scientific formulations. And my human intuition tells me the western nations are doomed, unless we make a drastic change of direction very soon.

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