Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Erdogan Reminds Europe Who is Boss

The recent post Genocide You Can Just Wish Away on this blog discussed Erdogan's threats to unleash Muslim migrants into Europe. It's interesting that most white people in those countries don't dare speak that Muslim immigration as having a less than positive effect on their countries out of fear of being labeled a racist and yet Erdogan - the great secular leader of Turks - sees mass Muslim migration to Europe as something so harmful to those countries that he uses the threat of it for political leverage.  At first it seemed Erdogan's statements may have been a gaffe. (Remember a gaffe is when a politician accidentally speaks the truth.) Perhaps he misspoke, or spoke in a passion, and wishes to walk the comments back.

Nope! He's doubling down, this time threatening that Europeans won't be safe anywhere in the world. (Note to liberals: when he says Europeans he is not referring to the Turkish migrants living in Europe that you call Europeans. He means ethnic Europeans. White people). The nearest major Muslim country to Europe is now threatening direct violence against Europeans wherever they live. If you compose Erdogan's two statements, they constitute an explicit threat to send people into European borders to commit violence. A foreign leader sending people into another country's borders to commit violence? That's a mouthful. If only there was a way to sum that all up in a single word.

Do most Europeans view Erdogan's threats of violence against Europeans in their own homelands as threats of war, or at least as terrorism? No way! Democracies don't go to war any more, they say. Also because all cultures are equal, there is no reason for war. They'll probably take the opportunity to remind us that the only reason there are Muslim immigrants in Europe in the first place is because Western society is the root of all evil. I imagine a conversation between a typical post-rational (i.e. liberal) European and a Muslim immigrant going something like this.
European: Welcome to our country. I am an ally.
Immigrant: Fool, I am your enemy, and the West is the enemy of Islam.
European: Don't worry I'm not Islamophobic. Here is some money.
Immigrant: In two generations Islam will rule this land.
European: All who live here are Europeans in our eyes. Did I mention I'm not racist?
Remember the more the immigrants or their leaders get away with threatening and bullying their European hosts, the more belligerent they will become.
Prediction: As long as Europeans don't respond strongly to intimidation, threats like these will increase in both amplitude and frequency.

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