Friday, March 3, 2017

Sedition By Default


Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where sedition ends and treason begins. The two words are nearly synonyms. I will be using them with the following contexts.
Sedition - an act to sabotage the government, to overthrow the government, or speech having the intention of advancing those motives
Treason -  an act of sabotage or disloyalty to the people of the nation
 It is possible to commit sedition without treason, for instance, to overthrow a tyrannical regime. It is also possible to commit treason but not sedition. Democrat leadership has done everything they can to bring in as many foreigners as possible because they will vote Democrat, yielding political power for the left. The same trend is seen in most European democracies as well. This is treason against the existing citizenry but is not sedition as they are using the state for their objectives.

Sedition By Default

The Democrats and their media surrogates work fundamentally in bad faith. They operate to promote an agenda and to gain political power. Not most of the time, but 100% of the time. Now that they are the minority faction in nearly all facets of government, their default posture has become sedition.

Trump rally protests

It was undisputed that protesters were disrupting Trump's campaign rallies and attacking and intimidating his supporters. If such behaviors are not categorical sabotage against the democratic process, then what is? What was questioned by some was who the perpetrators were and what their motivations were. The liberal media blamed Trump's "hateful rhetoric" as if freedom of speech was allowed to be violently suppressed it anyone found it to be offensive. Most in the Trump camp pointed the blame at Bernie's radical left-wing acolytes.

Thanks to Wikileaks and Project Veritas, it was revealed that the agitation was actually being organized and funded by the DNC, with the intention of benefiting Clinton. Sedition was not an incidental effect of the overzealous periphery of the liberal movement. It was the covert policy of the Democratic party.


The legacy media is now the opposition party to the government. Recent analyses have shown that 88% of network media coverage of Trump is slanted negative, and only 3% of the coverage from ABC and NBC is positive. They are doing everything within their shrinking powers to disrupt Trump's ability to run the executive branch. Now the media is allowed a lot of leeway for objection to the government. In fact that has always been their critical role in democracy. But there is a difference between hard-hitting journalism and gratuitous propaganda. In the former evidence leads to conclusions, in the latter the conclusions are foregone, and evidence is hobbled together after the fact, fabricated, or ignored entirely. Cleary very little of the media is engaged in the first type of discourse. This is not limited to liberal media. Both sides do it. But the numbers (88% negative to Trump) indicate that even if equally biased, the right-wing media is far drowned-out by the left.

The propaganda is clearly seditious when they start planting the idea of impeachment into the minds of Americans. In a democracy impeachment is the equivalent of a coup in an autocracy. It is definitively sedition. But is it treason? It depends on whether the push for treason is a conclusion driven by evidence, or is merely the preferred conclusion whatever the evidence. In this case, the excuse given is some ethereal ties to Russia, a conspiracy for which no evidence has yet been produced. Clearly it is a push towards government overthrow of the latter variety. The media is scraping for any excuse possible to justify overthrowing the elected government, and thus their efforts constitute treason against the nation.

Mexico City protests

When Rex Tillerson made his first state visit to Mexico he was met by anti-Trump protesters. Those protests were organized by the Democrat party's official organization for representing overseas Americans. A major American political party and American citizens were actively engaged in attempts to disrupt American diplomacy. It is one thing for those organizations to be opposed to the administration's policies and ethics. That is free speech. But actions intended to impede the functioning of the state department is clearly sedition. All involved should have been charged.

Townhall disruption

Recently townhall meetings for Republican congressmen have met unruly crowds. This has allowed CNN to run with segments such as this.

The headline is "Chaffetz Confronts Angry Crowd at Town Hall". But those angry crowds were not organic. They were, as you might deduce from the pattern forming here, organized by Democratic organizations. If the headline wasn't skewed by relentless propaganda it would more accurately read, "Angry Crowd Organized by Opposition Confronts Chaffetz at Town Hall". And why should we expect Chaffetz to have an unruly crowd in his home district? He just won there by an overwhelming majority

The townhalls embody critical functionality for a healthy democracy. The elected leaders meet directly with citizens to explain the political situation and gather feedback. That core process of democracy was intentionally sabotaged by a group calling themselves Democrats so that they could broadcast headlines like the one CNN aired to the entire country. The uninformed viewer is presented with the message that democracy is working in resisting an unpopular official when in fact democracy has been subverted for the sole intention of making an official appear to be unpopular. Everyone involved in organizing these events should be tried and convicted if there is any hope left for actual democracy in this country.

Obama after party

Barack Obama has decided to buck any pretense of tradition or decorum and to remain in Washington DC for the purposes of working to sabotage the Trump administration. I don't believe there is any precedent at all for a former president to remain in Washington or to be actively engaged in efforts to destroy his successor. He has foregone even the appearance of civility. The angle seems to be "as a former president, no one would dare charge me with sedition." Trump might let Obama hang himself with his own rope. If not, he needs to pursue aggressive legal recourse. He can't become the president that allowed sabotage of the successors to become a permissible activity.

MAGA By Default

After tens of thousands of leaked emails and hours of undercover video of the Democratic elites the most damning single conclusion is this: the Democrats never, and I mean never, talk about what's best for the country. It is always about power. About political posturing, about controlling the media narrative, about discrediting the other party, and about money.

Counter to that here is the first leaked audio from President Trump I've encountered.

Conformant to the propaganda model, the media has spun it as a negative. "Trump only cares about food safety if blah blah blah...".

But the reality is this. In an avalanche of Democratic leaks, we never saw any hint they were interested in furthering the interests of America or her citizens. It is always about furthering the interests of the Democrats themselves. But in just the very first leak of Trump (that I've seen), we see him at work fighting to improve trade deals to help America as a whole. Say what you will but the man has integrity.

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