Friday, March 10, 2017

What Are Liberals So Afraid Of?

In this post, the author tries to make sense of what liberals are afraid of. It's a fair question. They've gone hysterical over Trump's election. They themselves frequently made claims that it was Trump who actually engaged in fear-mongering, but their own language reveal the assertion as mere psychological projection. They routinely told us they feared for the country, for women, for gays, for foreigners, and on and on. Even Obama expressed that fear dominated the left:
I would fear for the future of our country.
Much has been written by the media to analyze the alleged fear of the right that drove them to elect Trump, but very little on the manic phobias of the left that drove many to commit themselves to mental institutes on election night and has caused an explosion of therapy cases. If our media was objective and fair this issue would have been well covered. Since it hasn't, bloggers are trying to fill in the gaps. If you boil the linked post down it provides the following 12 hypotheses for the state of widespread liberal fear.
  1. Liberals are herd animals
  2. Worries about funding cuts
  3. All change is scary
  4. Jewish paranoia
  5. They're faking it
  6. The believe they are the underdogs
  7. They instinctively solve problems with appeasement
  8. Fear of chaos
  9. No more handouts
  10. Fear that they were wrong the whole time
  11. White supremacy
  12. War, fight to the death
Some come close, but none address the fundamental fear of liberals. If you are unsure what that fear is, then you aren't reading enough Anonymous Conservative, who has put forth the only hypothesis I know of that accounts for the entirety of liberal / conservative behaviors in a cohesive and logically consistent way. From his theory liberal fear can be summed up very succinctly: they are afraid of direct competition for resources. Let's analyze the 12 fear hypotheses in order, from those closest to the fundamental cause of liberal fear, to the least relevant.

#2, and #9 come closest to the mark. These directly assault the liberal need for resources to be freely supplied to them. Nothing scares a liberal more than funding cuts to programs that provide them with free resources they don't have to acquire through direct market competition. 

#1, #6#11, and #12 drive at the heart of the matter: fear of direct competition. Herd animals don't compete with each other for resources, they move in groups for mutual protections to areas with the most abundant resources. Deportations and race wars elicit fears of competition on a massive scale between ethnic and cultural groups. Nothing could be more unnerving to the liberal. To them no one should have to die just because they are unable to acquire the resources needed for life. Because liberals believe they are naturally disadvantaged to direct competition, they will do anything to avoid such a scenario.

#7 is profoundly true and I would challenge anyone to think of counter examples. Liberals always back down from potential confrontation when they can just throw free resources at the problem. Foreigners illegally cross our borders by the millions and cost the US over $100 billion per year. Just let them stay. Inner city blacks commit violent crimes at many times the background rate. They need more welfare. Americans schools are falling further and further behind in international standards. They just need more funding. Liberals are incapable of contemplating the fundamental causes for any social ill when public money is available.

#10 is indirectly true. They aren't afraid of being wrong in the logical sense. They aren't afraid of being contradicted in the way that intellectual narcissists like Stefan Molyneux are. They're afraid of being wrong in the sense of group consensus. Liberals are desperately afraid of being out-grouped. They cannot survive outside of the co-operative group environment. Banishment is a death sentence. Thus they are afraid of any hint of outgrouping. And this fear is projected in how they attack their opponents. They use labels to outgroup conservatives. By calling conservatives racists and then saying American has no tolerance for racism, they attempt to outgroup. They try to shut down freedoms of speech and assembly. That is, they attack their opponents rights to join in groups. They even swarm the employers of their opponents and get them fired. They use these tactics because they are themselves terrified of being outgrouped or isolated.

#5 is not true. They aren't faking their fear. They are responding to deep psychological urges. They might be attempting to delude others but only because they have already deluded themselves. If they actually understood what was driving their anxiety, they wouldn't be liberals for long, would they? Knowing is half the battle. 

#3 and #8 are nearly the same thing. They aren't afraid of change; they're afraid of change that doesn't benefit them or benefits their opponents. They aren't afraid of chaos. They loves chaos if it suits them. Chaos means their opponents can't organize to compete against them. However free-for-all chaos where everyone is in direct competition would be a terrifying thought.

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