Friday, March 17, 2017

Genocide You Can Just Wish Away

One of the things we crazy right wingers talk about is white genocide. Genocide doesn't have to mean widescale violence; it could be anything that leads to a great reduction or elimination of some genetically defined group. Mass sterilization would be just as genocidal as mass murder.

There are two forces at play with white genocide. One, the white reproduction rates are critically low. No one else can be blamed for that. The other is the intentional displacement of whites by other groups. It's perfectly natural of course. Whites did it to the native Americans, and such things can be traced back as far as there is a written record. We assert that the immigrants to the West, particularly the Muslims, have the long-term mindset of replacing white people. They don't want to become Europeans, they want to become Europe.

These statements are invariably met with derision. In America white people are not permitted to air racial grievances. We are told we are crazy conspiracy theorists, or even white supremacists. When we provide evidence to support our claims, such as testimony of some Imam claiming Islam will own Europe in 50 years, were are told that is a fringe opinion. As always, any action from a Muslim that liberals don't like is refuted as "not representative of Islam." What that phrase really means is, "an aspect of Islam liberals prefer to ignore."

The question arises: how mainstream would advocacy for white genocide have to become in order for acknowledgement of it to be mainstream amongst whites?
Prediction: the majority of whites will not acknowledge white genocide until it is already too late
 So what would it take to convince whites? What about polls that showed the majority of Muslims want to replace them in Europe? That sounds convincing right? Except polls already show things, such as 54% of European Muslims believing the West is the enemy of Islam. If you don't trust that survey, there are numerous others with similar results. White liberals don't acknowledge any of them, and call you a racist if you do. I don't think polls showing that 75% percent of European Muslims call for white genocide (a fictional statistic) would cause much of a dent in public perception over here.

What if mainstream Muslim leaders called for white genocide? We're always told the pro-genocide sentiments are a cherry-picked and irrelevant minority. So if a major Muslim figure advocated for white genocide would that sway anyone?

We will soon fine out. Recip Erdogan is the nominally secular leader of Turkey, the only Islamic state in NATO. A small portion of Turkey is in Europe, millions of Turks live throughout Europe, and there is some talk of them gaining admittance to the EU. Do you think if Erdogan of all people advocated for white genocide in Europe it would register with white liberals?

We will soon find out. Because Erdogan has done just that.
"Go live in better neighborhoods,” he said. “Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses. Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you."
That is open promotion of white genocide. He is calling on the millions of Turks in Europe to outbreed and replace the native population. The statement is just as genocidal as if he had called on Turks to kill as many white people as they can. I predict this statement for Erdogan will go almost unnoticed in the West. A couple liberal news orgs are picking it up. Vox has covered it and states:
Anti-immigrant nationalists shudder at the idea of a swiftly growing and more powerful Turkish — and Muslim — population in Europe. And that’s exactly why Erdo─čan encouraged it.
Clearly a swiftly growing and more powerful Muslim population is only of concern to anti-immigrant nationalists, not the enlightened European liberals, who apparently have no concerns for open calls for white genocide. It's not like he's calling for actual violence, right? (Even if he was they'd rationalize it away).

The Telegraph and the New York Times have both picked it up, with a surprising lack of spin. From the Times:
Mr. Erdogan is not the first authoritarian leader of a Muslim country to suggest that birthrates could alter the demographics of the West. Already, Muslims in Europe are younger than other Europeans and the number of Muslims on the Continent has been increasing steadily, according to the Pew Research Center.
It can only be a good sign that liberal outlets such as the Times, who religiously promote the Narrative, would abstain and give a sober overview of the subject, but I remain pessimistic overall. It takes the media a couple days to settle on a unified narrative.

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