Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Equality as a Gauge for Political Stance

Equality and Other Founding Myths showed that many of the enshrined American values promoted today weren't shared by the founders, at least not in their present form. It showed a progression of the ideal of equality from past to present. In the Declaration of Independence equality was meant as a rebuke to the king of England. "All men are created equal" was a dismissal of the monarchical claim of a divine right to rule. In the current era, many interpret equality as "equal social and economic outcomes."
Tenet: one's political stance can be approximated by their interpretation of equality as a Constitutional right.
There are roughly four different interpretations of equality.
  1. Rejection of the divine right to rule
  2. Equality under the law
  3. Equal opportunity
  4. Equal outcomes 
Equal outcomes is the stance of the left. They assert that any observed inequality is the result of foul play and oppression. Equal opportunity is the position of classical liberals, moderate conservatives, and libertarians and asserts one's status at birth should not dictate their status later in life. Equality under the law is the typical definition of equality. Those who advocate for equality under the law but not equal opportunity populate the hard right. Those who do not even advocate for equality under the law are rare. White supremacists would probably fall into that group, but not all. For instance the KKK are widely labeled as white supremacist but they advocate a position of separate but equal, just as some black nationalists have. While it is rare, I predict we'll see an increase in rejection of legal equality as the multicultural nation fractures along ethic fault lines. I suspect we will see a rise in white supremacy in reaction to the anti-white hatred of the left, in the same way we saw the rise of Trump caused by the media's anti-Trump hysteria. They have a tendency of creating the very thing they are most afraid of.

The left-right boundary today is between equality stages 3 and 4. Most classical liberals vote Republican, as do libertarians. Not many Democrats reject equality of outcomes, and the party platform codifies widespread & institutional oppression as a core party belief. Equality of opportunity means public education, public infrastructure, and laws encouraging meritocracy. Equality of outcomes means redistribution of wealth, a highly progressive tax scheme, and preferential access to jobs & education for the underperforming demographics.

A question that arises is, if equal outcomes is adopted as the norm, where will the left/right divide then be? Will everyone be on the right side of the divide? Such a situation would mean each person gets the same outcome no matter their productivity. It is definitively communism. How does one go left from communism? Can we further liberalize the concept of equality?
Tenet: the final liberalization of equality is "equality of being."
The final step of equality is biological and cognitive equality. We imagine eugenics being used to create superior men, but in Stage 5 of Equality eugenics will be applied to promote uniformity of the gene pool. No one too tall or too short; no one too smart or too dumb. Pregnancy will be highly regulated, with in utero fertilization being the norm, and any natural pregnancies showing outlying genetic profiles will be subject to abortion. In development, children with natural talents will be subdued, either psychologically or chemically. Society will strictly enforce conformity, and citizens will strive to downplay their status, wealth, or abilities at all cost.

Such a description reads like dystopian fiction, but it is the final logical step of the increasingly liberal definition of equality. Fortunately, we aren't likely to ever see such a reality because the society will fail in Stage 4 of Equality, as it always has.

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