Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Deputy AG Appoints Independent Counsel

The Justice Department just appointed former FBI Director Mueller to oversee an investigation into the Muh Russia conspiracy theory. There have some rumors, not to mention a lot of clamoring from the left about it. I've been a little torn on the idea. I would like to see the whole conspiracy theory get nuked out of orbit in a glorious fashion, but I've been hesitant to allow the left to control the narrative like that. We should be focused on building a wall, or renegotiating trade deals; not a year-old conspiracy theory with no evidence. This is just a drag on the Trump administration, a way to tie him down and drain energy.

From the perspective of the left it might appear to be a no-lose arrangements. They never pay the price when they're humiliated; they just scoot along down the news cycle and send the whole affair down the memory whose. And still, I love watching their antics blow up in their faces. One thing we've learned in all this is that any time the Democrats are really giddy about something, it's about to blow up in their face. Think election night when they were sure their win was a mathematical certainty, or the giddy arrogance of Rachel Maddow and her viewers before her epic tax-return dud, or their self-assurance that the PissGate dossier was going to end Trump. Every time they'r really excited about something it ends up a disaster for them. This investigation is scoped to include the accusations as well as similar matters. Lets look at all the ways this might blow up on them.

Disproves Comey was fired to stop investigation

Right away The Narrative takes a blow to the shins from the bat of truth. Remember the nonsense from last week. After crying for months that Comey should be fired, they were outraged when Trump fired him, per the request of Deputy General Rod Rosenstein, who had recently been confirmed to his position and was highly recommended by Chuck Schumer. This would seem to indicate that all the hand-wringing being done that he had swung the election, even made recently by Hillary herself, were false. If he really lost them the election then there's no way they should object to his firing. But they did, and they claimed it proved that Trump was trying to kill the investigation. That's all we heard last week. That it was "Nixonian". That it was obstruction of justice. And yet the same Deputy AG who advised the firing is now blowing open the investigation, which destroys that whole theory, which has been their major narrative for about a week now.

FBI was zeroing in on Trump

The Muh Russia conspiracy theory includes the notion that Trump fired Comey because he was getting close to cracking the case. (Don't get me wrong, if that turns out to be the case, and that's why Trump fired him, then of course he should be impeached.) They're also quite convinced now that Trump was actively obstructing the investigation, based on a phone call received by the New York Times by an alleged associate of Comey reciting he recollection of a memo that Comey had written about a meeting with Trump. (Does this sound like journalism?) And this all presupposes that there was in investigation into Trump at all, or which there has been, as always, no evidence.

Muh Russians hacked the election

And at the core of all this is the supposition that the Russians hacked the election. It is assumed (without evidence) that Russian hackers broke into the DNC computers. downloaded the files, and then gave them to Wikileaks. (Even though Wikileaks denies that they did, and have hinted heavily that murdered DCN employee Seth Rich was the leaker.) How exactly this chain of operations would have required collaboration with the Trump campaign is beyond me. As far as I know they don't even have a specific hypothesis for their allegations of treason.

Here are all their narrative points that have been discredited already, or stand to be discredited by the investigation.
  1. Election lost because of Comey's actions
  2. Trump fired Comey to kill investigation
  3. Trump was obstructing the investigation
  4. FBI investigation was closing in on Trump's misdeeds
  5. There was an active FBI investigation into Trump himself
  6. Trump colluded with the Russians to hack the election
  7. The Russians hacked the election
  8. The election was hacked
Besides the false narratives that may be destroyed by this investigation, there are also some very uncomfortable issues the Democrats might not want to see brought back into the media spotlight.
  1. The DNC & Podesta emails show rampant fraud and corruption from the DNC and Clinton campaign.
  2. The Democrat primaries were rigged
  3. Seth Rich's murder is still open. The family's private investigator has concluded that he was in contact with Wikileaks and there is a police cover up of the alleged robbery where no valuable items were stolen.
  4. Trump's team was being spied on during the election and while he was President-elect
So by my count we're at 8 major leftist narrative points that stand to be discredited, and 4 major scandals that may be brought back to light. There's really only one way for this to work in their favor: if Trump really did collude to rig the election. There are 12 ways this can blow up in their faces. The only thing for us to do is to help ensure that this sinks the Muh Russia conspiracy for good, and discredits the mainstream media for good. (Although like always, they'll probably all just pretend it didn't happen.)

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