Wednesday, May 24, 2017

European Terrorism: Relax Everyone, It's Homegrown

He's just like us

The media, predictable as ever, is running with headlines like this.

Note his image has been altered to make his skin appear lighter. He looks whiter than the blonde news anchor.

To see these kinds of headlines as predictable you have to understand two things about mainstream journalists. First, they are primarily concerned with propagating a certain political narrative. Second, they're mentally deficient and don't even know what a Muslim is. The narrative is dominated by two influences: global corporatism and liberal ideology. Liberal ideology is something of a misnomer because they don't truly have an ideology. What they have is a psychological disposition to reject their own nations, and everything falls out of that. Most of the time the liberals stance consists of identifying the "other" side and opposing whatever it is they support.

Donald Trump has made this a very simple task for them. He has come to personify everything they oppose. He is, in short, the boogeyman. Because he's been widely portrayed by the leftist media as a villain, he is assumed by all on the left to be an extreme far-right ideologue. I've been in discourse with one liberal friend who has decided that Trump is not really an ideologue and even tries to use that as a rhetorical attack against Trump and his supporters. At least he can partially see through the curtain: there's hope for him. Because Trump is framed as an extremist, whenever he takes a moderate position he forces his leftist foes to adopt an opposing position that is either extremist itself or contradicts other aspects of the liberal narrative.

When it comes to immigration Trump is not really an extremist. As far as I know his only strong stances are to end sham refugee programs and to enforce the laws on the books. Enforcing federal law is not an extremist stance. It is the primary duty of the president. Trump has not advocated for reducing legal immigration, which many of us want. Trump has not suggested that immigration should not alter the national demographics, which is the alt-right stance. How do I know Trump isn't an immigration hardliner? Because I am one. We support Trump because at least he fought the open-borders lunacy. He's still miles away from where we stand on the issue.

The media knows the big battle right now is with illegal immigration and refugees, so their headline is crafted to slant towards their position in that battle. No, we can't blame this one on refugees because he is second-generation. He was born and raised here just like you and loves soccer just like you. He's not a foreigner so your xenophobia is totally irrational. This would not have been prevented by ending refugee programs.

That he was second-generation is much, much worse. They're basically saying, even though they don't realize it, that the problem isn't with unvetted refugees, but with all Muslims. Right-leaning Europeans have explained the situation. The first wave of Muslim immigration to Europe (in modern times) was in the 1970s and 80s. These immigrants were heavily vetted and immigration was selective and many were, indeed, doctors and lawyers, as the left think of immigrants today. These immigrants were generally high IQ, conscientious, and grateful to their host nations. They were in smaller numbers and tended to disperse amongst the Europeans and to integrate with them. In short, they were a success story.

The second and third generations have been a different story. Not having been raised in the hardships of the third world, they don't share their parents' gratitude. Their IQs are closer to the racial mean than that of their parents. And as their numbers have grown, they've tended to isolate themselves into homogeneous neighborhoods and to identify by their race & religion. These are the ones becoming radicalized by Islam. The conclusion is becoming clear: we can't even allow well-vetted mass immigration. The left, in their zeal to disprove conservatives on refugee terrorism, are helping make the case against Muslim immigration altogether. Sure the bomber wasn't a refugee. But his parents were. Sure most of the European terrorists have not been refugees. That they're homegrown is a much deeper problem with much more sinister implications for how to deal with the problem. As far as I can tell, the only solutions are a strong heavy-handed police state or removal of Muslims from Europe. Both are problematic, to say the least.

Muh lone wolf

Also predictable has been the media's reflexive insistence that the attack was done by a lone wolf. Which is their roundabout way of saying Islam had nothing to do with this.

Isn't it weird how they always end up making multiple arrests in these lone wolf attacks?

The accused, shortly after working on his tan.

The Bloody Shovel blog suggests that the attacker was a dork who was probably resentful towards white girls and that's why he targeted this particular crowd. Surely all the Islamic terrorists have personal reasons for becoming radicalized.

Children targeted

As predicted, many of the victims were teenagers or even younger. 22 now dead, with 64 remaining in the hospital, 20 of whom are in critical condition. Many of them are young girls who will never become mothers. This is a war to displace Europeans, but only one side is fighting.

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