Monday, May 22, 2017

Muslims Kill Liberals pt 5

There was a massive terror attack in Manchester England this evening at a concert. At the time of this writing, the toll is 20 dead and 50 injured. I'm not familiar with Ariana Grande or her music (Chicks on the Right were against her months ago) but, by the look of it, I imagine her concerts are attended mostly by teenagers. I suspect this story will become much more tragic as the details emerge. As bad as political terrorism is, intentionally targeting children is beyond an outrage. And for a country to allow wanton acts of violence against their children is the most disgraceful failure. If protecting children from outside violence is not the primary duty of society, then I don't know what is.

Even the musk ox understands the primary duty of society.

How the Russians respond when you fuck with their kids.

As the trend goes with Islamic terrorism, they're attacking liberals. I'd like to share a couple more images. First is Miss Grande's (that can't be her real name) response to the great tragedy. No, not the murder of children, but the election of Donald Trump. Second is a screenshot from her own website.

If you read here regularly then you're familiar with r/K political theory (if not visit the Anonymous Conservative blog link in the sidebar) and that the r-types are represented by rabbits. Here we have a young lady dressed as a sexy rabbit in front of a pink backdrop with a GIRL POWER! tour slogan. And one cannot overlook the phrase Dangerous Woman nor its accuracy. Once feminism takes power society becomes very dangerous indeed. What has struck me about the last few months & years is how much it all feels like an exhilarating but perhaps cliché novel script. Here we have the scantily clad diva pop star -- driven to tears at the election of the evil racist who wants to end unlimited immigration -- having her performance and her fan base blasted by the same cultural enrichment she apparently enjoys. Could there be a better metaphor for the dangers of a degenerate, effeminate, and irrational society? The left seem to have lost all sense of irony, which is sad. That's just no way to go through life.

Also, many on reddit are reporting that, instead of covering the terror attack, CNN chose to cover the elusive Trump-Russia connection. You really can't make this shit up. They briefly announced the attack and went back to Muh Russia conspiracy. For an hour! How can you talk about a politically motivated conspiracy theory without evidence or even a hypothesis for an hour? By sheer necessity, if you're CNN and the other option is covering radical Islamic terrorism. I almost respect their dedication and devil-may-care attitude.

UPDATE: one victim was sure to let us know beforehand that most victims of terror attacks are Muslim.

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