Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day Violence

Imagine, if you will, the following headlines.
  • White Supremacists take over campus, issue racial slurs, shut down classes
  • White Alt-Right activist stabs four minorities on campus, killing one
  • Right-wing riots turn to lethal violence
Imagine if even one of those headlines was true. It would be breaking news for days, at least, would it not? All other news stories would be sidelined. There would be a cacophony of cries to the extent of: this is what Trump represents, this is proof of systemic injustice, we need to have a national conversation on racial justice, et cetera and so on.

Yet if you reverse race descriptions and political stances of those headlines, then they are actually all headlines from yesterday.

Olaf College was shut down yesterday by racial activists. The actions were in response to a racist note left on a black student's car. There is no proof, of course, that the message is genuine. In fact, we might apply a little bit of logic to the issue. There have no been over a hundred and twenty fake acts of white racism in America since Trump's election. In comparison, there has only been one genuine instance that I'm aware of. So judging on the evidence at hand, it is a hundred times more likely that the note was faked by leftists. And now they're using that as an excuse for misconduct. A rule of thumb is this: if an alleged incident has less than a 1% chance of being true but you use it to insight mob rule, then maybe you're just looking for any excuse to engage in that behavior, to the point of fabricating it yourself.

Three whites and one Asian were stabbed yesterday by a black anti-white racist affiliated with a black bloc group similar to Antifa. So far the media has not demanded that any Democrats disavow or apologize in response to left-wing violence.

And finally, we have yesterday's firebombing of French riot police, which was mentioned here yesterday.

If these incidents were inverted, it would be wall-to-wall coverage of resurrection of Nazism or some other hyperbole. But since the roles of all the instigators is politically uncomfortable to the rabid lefties in the media, it's been largely ignored. Here's a screenshot of my google news feed at the time of this writing.

No mention of the pattern of lefty violence on May Day. No holding figures of the left accountable. No calls for a national conversation. The mass stabbing at UT is still in the headlines at least. But look at the headline, thanks to the Chicago Tribune. No mention that the culprit was a member of a leftist political action group and had made racist videos depicting violence against whites. No, just that he had "mental health trouble." Of course he had mental trouble! They all do. It's implied by going on a stabbing rampage, or by being Antifa. It's the least interesting detail of the whole incident. And it's one of the few details that doesn't throw a monkey wrench in The Narrative.

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