Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bags, Boxes, and Bags

It always amazes me when the bagger at the grocery store puts a single item into a bag. Especially when that item is itself a bag. They'll put a single bag of chips into a bag. Sometimes they'll ask first. "Do want those in a bag?" And I'll say, "They're already in a bag." WalMart sells those reusable grocery bags. One day I'm going to buy one, just to see if they put it into a bag.

I also think about this too much when I buy trash bags. Trash bags come in a box. But when you buy them they put them into a bag. One day the box will end up in one of the bags. And not just any bag. It will go into the last bag. And the bag they put the box of bags in will most likely go into the first bag that you take out of the box that was in the bag.

Some day I'll come home with a box of trash bags in a grocery bag. And when she asks what I got I'll say, "Oh, just some stuff to throw away."

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