Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Immune Reaction of the Deep State

When our bodies are invaded by a virus we rarely experience its direct effects. The virus attacks our tissues directly, but everything we suffer: runny noses, itchy eyes, congestion, coughing, sneezing, headache, fever, body aches; result from the responses of the immune system. Each ailment plays some role in fighting the infection and keeping additional pathogens out.

[As as aside, to me this is all biological proof that we are genetically disposed to be assholes. Think of what happens when you're sick and you sneeze. Is that sneeze more likely to prevent additional infections from entering through your respiratory system, or to spread the illness you already have to the people around you?]

We are witnessing an analogous process in the political realm, as the deep state unleashes all sorts of ailments on the body politic to rid itself of what it perceives to be a great threat to either (a) itself or (b) the nation overall. (The answer is a but they'll always pretend it is b). The reactions range from irritating to harmful. From a complete loss of professionalism by the media to promotion of outlandish conspiracy theories against our nuclear rival, none of their responses could be remotely labeled as beneficial.

You might note that I include the media as part of the deep state. That they carry water for the deep state is nothing new and has been well documented by Noam Chomsky and others. Also this was confirmed from the DNC leaked emails that showed numerous news organizations were meeting in secret with Hillary Clinton just before she announced her candidacy. This is exactly what media collusion with the political side of the deep state would like.

Make no mistake there is a war brewing in our government, and numerous entities will stop at nothing to undermine the new leadership. How far will they go? When the body marks an antigen as an existential threat it will similarly stop at nothing to eradicate it. A peanut is not harmful. Quite the opposite it is a nutritious food. But if the immune system rejects peanuts it will mount a response so severe that it can even kill the body it is fighting to defend.

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