Thursday, February 23, 2017

Scorched-Earth Environmentalism Pt II

In Scorched-Earth Environmentalism I showed that the environmental protesters and hippies in general tend to destroy the environment wherever they roam. In The Left Can No Longer Be Satirized I showed that they called my bluff on the satirical "scorched-earth" label by deliberately torching a camp on Indian lands before their forced evacuation deadline. Today this showed up on my facebook feed:

My thanks to the commentor for explicitly stating the sentiments of the left. Honesty is always preferable to delusion. In this case the delusion has been that the environmental protests against DAPL had anything to do with the environment. It's been apparent to the rest of us that this was more about victim/oppressor politics (i.e. Marxism) than legitimate concerns. We were told they were building on Indian lands, but that isn't true. We were told it threatens their water supply, but that is located 70 miles downstream. I'm curious as to how many water sources lie within 70 miles of an oil pipeline in the US. Surely tens of thousands.

So why the focus on a single river crossing out of the entire 1,200 mile pipeline project? Not facts, clearly. But narrative. If they protest at that location they can frame it as evil corporations versus oppressed Indians. It's always about the oppression narrative. It's textbook Marxism.

If the concern was primarily about the environment and water quality of Indians, their preferred outcomes would be ordered something like this:
  1. No pipeline is built
  2. Pipeline is built but environmental impact is minimalized
  3. Pipeline is built and is an environmental catastrophe
If the concern was primarily sticking it to evil oil corporations no matter what then the list of outcomes would be ordered differently.
  1. No pipeline is built
  2. Pipeline is built and is an environmental catastrophe
  3. Pipeline is built but environmental impact is minimalized
Clearly their preferred outcomes are of the latter ordering. Most preferred is the pipeline isn't built at all; environmentalists win! But if they lose, they want to see the project fail, and the oil company to suffer. Even if it means wrecking the environment and Indian waters they pretend to care about.

The protesters trashed the camp, have now torched the camp (which caused burns to 3 children, one seriously) and are praying that the grounds will be contaminated by oil leaks. I will be surprised if we don't see outright sabotage on the pipeline. The Indians are so fortunate to have these liberals fighting on their behalf, huh?

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