Monday, February 27, 2017

That's So Republican

It's strange what a few months can do. A year or so I was using the word Republican as a pejorative, in the way we used to call things "gay" in high school. (And in college. And in the military.) At some point it became socially unacceptable to call things you don't like gay, so Republican seemed like a nice substitute. I mean what was more useless than a Republican anyway?

So it was unexpected that within six months I would be strongly supporting a Republican for president. Trumped picked fights with the media. With the globalists. With the Bushes and other establishment Republicans. He brutally savaged Hillary's character and record, which is what we expected out of Bernie the anti-corrupt. One thing about Trump was certain: he was picking fights with the right people!

Now we're over a month into the Republican supremacy. They have the presidency. They have both houses of Congress. Soon the Supreme Court will be conservative. They have the vast majority of the state houses and governors. Surely this is the opportunity Republicans have been dreaming of. Finally they can run the government the way they want, without the evil socialist Democrats stopping them! So how much legislation has our massively empowered Republican legislature passed in the 5 weeks of Trump?

Nada. No legislation. The Republican house, which voted to abolish Obamacare six times under certainty of veto by Obama himself, can't bring themselves to pass the same bill now that he's gone. Why? Because they want to be seen as fighting to stop government excess, without actually bearing the consequences of actually stopping government excess. They've ranted for years about the dangers of social healthcare but now that the ball is in their court they're revealed as either frauds, corrupt, or spineless. I think it's mostly the last one. They're afraid of being called bullies by liberals for taking healthcare from the destitute. Well you know what? The liberals are going to call you mean names no matter what you do. Have the Republicans learned nothing at all?

Leading the pack in all this is Paul Ryan. He is the biggest traitor in politics I have ever witnessed. After the Omnibus bill he should have been shunned by every single last Republican. Instead he easily won his re-election in Wisconsin. How painful to witness that. Isn't it interesting that the two on the ticket that gave Obama a nearly uncontested re-election, McCain & Ryan, have revealed themselves to be traitors to the Republicans? Can you list one achievement of either man that doesn't being with, "Helped the Democrats to....."? McCain actually forwarded damning and hilariously fraudulent private intelligence reports against Trump to the FBI; he is actively engaged in sabotaging the Republican president. McCain is a man who started his career by crashing every jet he ever got his hands on, and then was given the nickname "Songbird" by fellow POWs while in captivity. At best he has always been dead weight to this country, and at worst a lifelong traitor.

And just look at Ryan. That was his tough-guy photo shoot. Wisconsin how do you not just whither away in shame? He looks like a kid playing with daddy's weights. This photo op is every bit as fake as his politics. Memo to Ryan: curls are for girls. Even the women in my gym seem to prefer deadlifts and squats, god bless them. Ryan is pathetic in the gym and pathetic as a Republican congressman. Why America are we electing these worthless losers?

Now the Republicans are talking about not replacing Obamacare so much as renaming it. Their newest proposal includes removing the fines applied for not carrying insurance, and instead implementing a tax credit to those who do get insurance. IT'S THE SAME DAMN THING!! There are three conservative complaints against the healthcare situation right now.
  1. The federal government has no authority to be in the business of healthcare to begin with.
  2. The government can't force citizens to buy a product.
  3. The cost of healthcare is astronomical.
For years conservatives have stood against all three of these. At some point in his campaign Trump switched his rhetoric to "repeal & replace" which meant he was going to let Issue #1 slide by. Fine, he was still fighting the other two. Two out of three ain't bad. Now the Congress is reneging on Issue #2, and I don't hear them doing anything to address Issue #3. This is the kind of shit that caused the Trump revolution to begin with. Republicans going to Washington and not doing what they were sent to do. It's as simple as that. Look, we only have a limited supply of brash self-funded billionaires to fall back on. Trump might have been a one-shot deal.

And Trump himself has not been any great savior to conservatives. I think Ron Paul sums it up very well. Trump is a massive improvement over the status quo Republican, don't get me wrong. Unlike them, he's not a sellout and has a backbone. But the big problem with Trump is that in the context of the budget he is a borrow and spend liberal, like Bush, like Reagan. I actually support the policy, but from the viewpoint of accelerationism. I believe the only way to stop the tyrannical western democracies is for them to bankrupt themselves. But I don't think that is Trump's intention, nor the desire of most conservatives.

 If Republicans don't get the job done this time.....I just don't think the conservatives in this country have much patience left for treachery and incompetence.

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