Monday, February 6, 2017

Calexit: Sorry Liberals It's Not What Your Elites Want

I'm a sucker for secessionist movements. I supported Brexit and Texit. I support Hawaiian independence, a unified Ireland, and the free state of Bavaria. I want to see downstate Illinois divorced from it's Chicago overlord and I once advocated for my own Illinois county to secede from the union and align with Bavaria because of their superior beer laws and culture. Naturally I support Calexit, for reasons stated before.

However Calexit seems doomed to fail. And not just because of public polling that would seem to suggest little public support. The odds aren't that awful when you consider all the "Don't Knows" are open to persuasion. The problem is there is little energy behind the movement. Look at their subreddit. Only 2K subscribers and not much activity. Why is it that liberals are able to organize for national marches and riots but can't even get a small amount of energy for Calexit? It seems to me that those operations had support from the leftist establishment. Those activities are funded to the tune of millions of dollars and are given organizational support. Why doesn't Calexit get the same treatment? Obvious enough: the liberal elites don't want it.

I'm tempted to say the left has no grassroots action at all. The obvious counter example is Bernie. But even Bernie was initially propped up by the media, to try to counter accusations that Hillary was running virtually unopposed for the nomination. Sure he because so popular that they then had to rig the election against him, but one wonders where he'd be if the media had initially ignored him as they typically do with anti-establishment candidates. So the closest thing to a grassroots on the left is Bernie, but even he may have needed the establishment bump to get traction, and the establishment still nixed the movement when they had to. Everything else, the marches, riots, even the pipeline protests had organizational backing. Calexit does not.

The liberal elites don't want states' rights and they don't want geographical balkanization. They don't want an environment where people can live in areas that suit their culture and personal preferences. They want to dictate their vision for the perfect society to everyone. They want centralization of power, and to be the ones dominating it. So sorry liberals who support Calexit. As much as I like seeing so many of you coming around on states' rights, it won't happen because nothing in the left happens from the grassroots.

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