Saturday, February 18, 2017

Milo on Maher

 For those who haven't seen, Milo was on the Bill Maher show last night.

Just a quick note about this. I didn't like when Milo said the panel was low IQ. For one, they didn't see that low IQ to me (although to be fair not up to Milo or Maher's level). And second it's simply not an argument. I wanted him to go in and win with logic. He does actually debate very well, and I don't think this was his best showing. However remember a couple things: he was in the lion's den, outnumbered both on the panel and by the audience. Also, for most liberals (and most people) logic doesn't win, only emotional manipulation. And Milo is a master of this. After he made his low blow, the panelists revealed themselves as the completely hypocritical stereotypes that he describes the left as.
  • Liberals want everyone to believe that they are so understanding of gays → They go on to call him confused about his sexual identity on TV.
  • Liberals want everyone to believe that they are accepting of immigrants → When he finds out Milo isn't American, he tells him to fuck off.
  • Liberals want everyone to believe that they use logic to make arguments → The panelists just tell him to "go fuck yourself."
Milo unveiled that they are both uncivil and unprincipled. (Even if he had to provoke them first to make the point.) Further, by dialing the gay up to 11, he really puts the doubt into the minds of Maher's very liberal audience. "Wait, this is the racist homophobic Nazi they've been rioting over?"

I didn't actually watch the whole thing, because it was painful and I could see where it was going. Milo won big, but it wasn't the kind of debate I like to watch. Much more enjoyable was the pre-panel 1-on-1 with Maher, which frankly I'd rather watch that for an hour.

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