Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's a War of Pyschologies, not Ideologies

The Anonymous Conservative made a post today that reinforces a recent post of mine. Quoting from the Chicago Tribune:
As he did last month at an event in Washington, D.C., the mayor expanded on what he believes is the road map back to power for his party — putting moderate candidates such as veterans, football players, sheriffs and business people up in Republican districts, picking battles with Republicans, exploiting wedges within the GOP and fighting attempts to redistrict Congress on partisan grounds.
But this time he didn’t hold back on his frustration with some of his fellow Democrats.
“Winning’s everything,” he said…
Instead, he said, Democrats should focus on the GOP. “Wherever there’s a disagreement among Republicans, I’m for one of those disagreements,” he said. “I’m all for it. The president’s with Russia? I’m with John McCain and Lindsey Graham, I’m for NATO! Why? (It’s a) wedge. Wedges have to be schisms, schisms have to be divides.”
From AC's commentary:
All of politics is r vs K. It is a battle of reproductive strategies. r-strategists want to destroy K-strategists. There are no morals, no ideals, no greater goals, no compassion, no decency – nothing else. This is about destroying what the left views as a hostile species they do not like. This is a war, every bit as real as the Allies vs the Axis, or radical Islam against the unbelievers.
His viewpoint is that politics is downstream not just of culture, but of deeply rooted psychologies, dubbed r and K from biological reproductive strategies. This isn't a battle of ideologies. The sides are drawn up at a deeper level, and the politics follows after. The left does this better (in a sense of the word better) than we do. I noticed this in one of my earliest blog posts. The left is unprincipled. Surely they'd say the same about us, but I counter they are objectively more so. In a political war that is an insult, but in a war of psychologies that is the strategy of fluidity. They don't care about principles, they care about damaging the other side, and making gains for their side.

Here Rahm says it openly. Winning is everything. Principles be damned. Ideology be damned. Logical consistency be damned. Whether or not we choose to be principled or consistent is our own choice, but know this: it won't matter to them. They won't be impressed with our logic and they won't respect our principled approaches. It is a war being fought with sides drawn based on subconscious psychological drives.

Remember, when they go low, we go low. To them nothing matters besides winning. Nothing matters besides political power. And there is a lot of reason to be very afraid of what will happen when/if they regain political power. They've already determined violence is okay if they call us a fascist first. What will be next? These people must be kept in check with whatever means is available. Not for any principles, but because we are their enemy, and they have no principles.

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